Saturday, November 20, 2010

What I Run In

I didn't count any of my running clothes in my 30 items, so I thought I would show you what I wear when I go running. WARNING: I run through mud, on trails, in the cold. This is a function trumps all situation, and not the usual union of form and function that I so enjoy.


What do you exercise in? Do you try to look cute, or do all attempts at being fashionable go out the window?


Pants: Goodwill, plus I'm wearing Underarmour underneath
Shirt: Underarmour
Zip-up: Marmot
Jacket: Outdoor Research
Gloves: Gift
Hat: Goodwill
Shoes: Vibram

And what am I propping my camera on, with the lack of benches/tables/etc in the forest?


Yesterday I bought a Gorillapod--a bendy tripod that also has magnets in the 'feet.' I have had fun sticking it to pretty much everything around me (inside of car roof, refrigerator, tree branches, doorknobs) and I also used it for my outfit photo today (by sticking it to a street sign). It's going to be an epic friendship, I can already tell! (I had to draw the camera on, since I was using the camera to take the picture!)

If you guys are interested, I might do a review of it--how it holds, what it can hold on to, what it can't, if it's useful everyday.



  1. Whoa, that Gorillapod is really cool. I'd definitely be interested in a review!

  2. It looks like you've got a gorgeous place to run there!

    I occasionally look cute when I'm running - especially if it's with a friend or on a race day. Usually, though, I go for function over fashion with my running, yoga, and gym clothes.

  3. Glad to know it's not just me. I hate it when I go to the gym and everyone looks all done up, and I'm all sweaty and groady. One more reason to go running in the forest! :) Occasionally I'll look alright (if I go running after work, or, like you, if I go with a friend) but usually I just don't care what I look like when running.

  4. you are my new best friend. i am so glad you checked out my blog!

    i definitely go for function over form when it comes to running. i am currently searching for The Perfect Ear Warmers. wish me luck!

  5. hmm, perfect ear warmers...I can't help you with that one! I usually alternate between running with a hat/hood because it is SO FREAKIN COLD or taking off said hat/hood because I'm too hot. Haha, I'm so happy I found someone else who has the same shoes as me--from what I could tell, it's mostly guys who go for the Five Fingers!

  6. Oh I love my gorillapod! Granted I puchased the smaller version for my iphone/point and shoot, it's still awesome. :)