Sunday, November 14, 2010

Nine Lives

I decided to drag myself out of bed and sweatpants into my equally-comfy-but-much-more-like-a-real-person-feeling sweater dress and tights. Ta-daaah!

Do you ever use clothing to change how you are feeling? Or does your clothing merely reflect what is already there? I notice that I tend to do both....
What kind of outfit do you throw on when you are under the weather? Is it sweatpants all the way, or do you have an alternative?

Sweater dress: Rhapsody via Ross
Cardigan: Goodwill find, altered by me
Tights: F21, gift
Long sleeved shirt: Kiabi from France
Scarf: Self-made
Boots: Steve Madden


  1. So glad to see your feeling-better face in such adorable duds! I've also struggled with the "what do you wear when you're feeling blah," and I've definitely discovered that I almost never regret "putting in the extra effort" to dress "up" a little bit on a day when I'm feeling blah (provided I can find something cute and comfortable, like you have here). I've definitely noticed that as I've become more intentional about my sartorial choices, the more I feel like I'm making the problem worse if I spend a schlubby, tired day in my yoga pants and a sweatshirt -- but it's often hard to remind myself of that as I'm struggling to drag myself out of bed.

  2. I completely agree with you! Whenever I feel bad, it only exacerbates the problem to stay in my crappy clothes. It is on those days that I force myself to dress up properly, usually in very tailored items. I enjoy this process to becoming more intentional with my clothing choices--it is the main goal of my blog, and one that I see the most success with.

  3. I'm glad you're feeling better enough to post an outfit! I always try to make an effort in getting dressed when I'm not feeling well, if anything just to trick myself.

  4. I'm actually sick now. You'll know when I'm not feeling well when I don't have on any heels/wedges of any kind.

    I definitely dress according to my mood.

    I do like your outfit though. Very cute!

  5. Oooh that sweater dress looks so soft and snuggly!
    I tend to dress according to my mood, but since I'm totally unable to concentrate when I'm in sweatpants (I just to sleep!) I trick myself into being productive by dressing up.