Monday, November 15, 2010

Ten Fingers

The one part of my blog I have been trying to improve has been the photography. I have been scouting out new locations to no avail--my requirements were strict and exacting! I finally decided to try out this location. It is half way between work and home, so I can stop by to take photos after work, it is easily accessible, and it is filled with grass, trees and various woodland critters (what, it was on my list!).

Today was a windy day--I think I am holding my scarf to prevent it from flying away in almost all of the photos! I ended up leaving work early today and this is my break before I start at-home work. (the benefit for doing my at-home work right now is that I can take my pain pills, since I won't be driving anywhere! heehee)

Where do you take your blog photos at? Do you have any tips for finding a great location? Or do you change locations frequently?

On a more superficial note, what do you think about these tights? I like that they're a break from burgundy...but I wish they were a little more forest green and a little less bright blue!




I love my watch!

Cardigan: Unknown via Goodwill donation pile
Shirt: The Loft via Plato's Closet
Skirt: I.N.C. via Goodwill
Tights: Hue via Plato's Closet
Boots: Capelli via Goodwill
Coat: Jenifer via France
Scarf: Self-made (this is fast becoming my favorite snuggly scarf!)


  1. I take most of mine in front of my front door, if there's good lighting and the weather cooperates, but I could easily see myself branching out if I could find a location between home and school that made sense (though it's mostly progressively more urban as I get towards school, which makes it harder to be anonymous).

    I love these tights, but have the same reaction about a pair I have in a similar blue. I keep thinking that when I bought them, they were decidedly navy, but they just persist in being both a little bit brighter and a little bit shinier than I expected....

  2. I love everything about this outfit!! The coat, the skirt, and that watch is to die for!! Looks great! And, I think the blue tights work great with the whole outfit!

    The hubs and I have recently started scouting out new locations. It gets boring after a while doing in it front of our house. We usually just drive around and look out for cool locations that would provide good backgrounds for photos.

  3. S.--I have had this happen a few times with tights, glad to know it's not just me. I just feel like they get so much brighter once they're on *me.*

    Tiffany--Thanks for the compliments, you're sweet! You're also lucky that your hubby will take photos with you. Mine is always working and is much too lazy to get dragged out daily for photos!

  4. I love that watch! I also really like the new location for pictures, I feel like once this semester's over I'll have more time to scout out more interesting places.

  5. Thanks! This watch was one of my first items where I decided that it was worth spending a bit more money to get something that I loved, since I planned on having it for years and years. Good luck finding new locations--it's always a pain scouting out, but once you find one (or a few) then it's completely worth it!

  6. I think the tights add interest to the neutrals in this outfit and I especially love them next to the brown skirt. I'm partial to bright colors, so for me the more vivid the colors, the better!

    I try to find a location that either compliments our juxtaposes my outfit of the day. I take my photos on my lunch break as it is too dark once I get off work, and I drive around until I find a spot that's relatively secluded and appropriate for the feel of my daily look. Ive encountered so many hidden parts of our city that I never would have known about were it not for my blog!

  7. Driving around on your lunch break is a good idea! Unfortunately, I work at a school so I'm on campus all day, but I'm glad it works for you. :)