Friday, November 5, 2010

One by One

First day of my thirty for thirty was easy peasy! It was fun knowing that I only had a few items to choose between--we'll see if that feeling lasts throughout the month. It is also my first day wearing this new sweater I made, which I looove! No need for a Four Ways To Wear for this one, it's a shoe-in. This is also one of the first days wearing this pink shirt that I bought ages ago--it's cute, but slightly too formal for everyday and slightly too short to be worn with pants, so it's a finicky one. However, with this sweater you can't tell that the shirt is too short and the jeans tone down the formality!

Have you had to deal with having a reduced wardrobe (such as traveling, vacations, your own 30 for 30)? Any tips?
Do you have any super finicky pieces of clothing that are just hard to wear? What do you do with them to make them more wearable?

Shirt: Banana Republic via BR Outlet
Sweater: Self-made from Goodwill find
Jeans: Martin & Osa
Boots: Steve Madden

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