Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Fuzzy Peach

This is another one of my purchases recently--this peach-colored bejeweled (with pearls, little polished stones, the works) cropped cardi. And yes, I also thought that was a 'whole lot of look' (to quote Tim Gunn) for one piece, but then I thought that if none of my pieces have a lot of look, that's not much look to go around. Besides, much of my wardrobe is neutrals, this works with the coral side of my color scheme, and the embellishment is AWESOME.

After trying it on with jeans and being told that it look like a sweater that got shrunk in the wash (it could be a look!), I decided that it is best with skirts that hit at the natural waist. Lucky me, that's my favorite type of skirt! I think it will look super cute paired with a white shirt and my impending denim pencil skirt, or with the light-colored full skirt I will be making. Black paired with the peach is more iffy and has a distinct Halloween aura...and as much as I love me some holidays, I will NOT be the teacher with the pumpkin-themed sweater, the Christmas pins, the Shamrock jewelry that I just 'happen' to be wearing on St. Patty's Day.

Sweater: Bebe via Plato's Closet
Dress: Self-made from a vintage 50's pattern
Shoes: Unknown brand from France
(I'm worried that this outfit looks a bit too 50s housewife...hmmm)

Sweater: Bebe from Plato's Closet
Shirt: Deux, another score from someone's Goodwill donation pile at the end of the school year
Skirt: Unknown brand from Goodwill (although I heavily suspect it is vintage from the 1940s, an era that I wrote my Senior thesis on)
Shoes: Covington via Goodwill
(I do love this outfit, but it may be a bit too formal for the school I will be working out, where many of the teachers wear jeans or khakis...we'll see)

Tuesday, June 29, 2010


After my (somewhat) massive shopping spree yesterday, I feel that I have nicely rounded out my school wardrobe. There are still only a few main things left to get, but they are so specific I think I will just make them and be done with it. Actually, I think mainly it is just three skirts: one jean pencil skirt (dark wash), one light neutral colored full skirt with the waistband at the natural waist, and one black full skirt with the band at the natural waist. All three should be a snap to make (I even have a pencil skirt pattern I have used before that I love, and let's face it--the other two are just a series of different sized rectangles sewn together) and I just need to get the fabric.

However, I am going to save these projects for a bit later in the summer. I have spent far too much money recently, and can keep an eye at thrift shops for material or even for the specific skirts (although it will be a miracle if I find something to fit my exacting standards).

So that this is not a post just for words, here are some photos of an item I bought yesterday!

This red sweater top was one of my last purchases, but I very much enjoy it! Originally 150$ (!!!) I snagged it for 30$ at Nordstrom Rack. It is made out of a sweatshirt type material and is going to be perfect for the fall or for layering in the winter. The sleeves are 3/4 but I may hem them up another one inch to bring the line more squarely between my wrist and my elbow, we'll see.

In this outfit I paired it with a black long-sleeved shirt from France, navy blue cords (blue, not black), and ballet flats. I think it will also be cute with my (soon to be made) dark wash denim pencil skirt.

Play play

Today was a day off from work, so I busted out my high heels and stormed the city. Well, at least I busted out my high heels...

It was actually warm today, a nice change from the gloomy weather we've had lately, and I even (*gasp!*) took off my sweater in the afternoon!

I also went shopping, much to the chagrin of Mr. P, and continued to stock up my teacher wardrobe. Photos coming soon!

Sweater: Unknown brand (literally, the tag is a blank piece of black ribbon), found at the end of the school year as someone was donating it to the Goodwill

Dress: Pour la Frime, also snagged for free from someone's end-of-year donation pile

Belt: Target

Tights: Hue via Plato's Closet

Shoes: Goodwill, padded out with a variety of shoe inserts (they are maybe half a size too big at most, but I have narrow feet >:P )

Bag: COACH from 365 Fashion Rehab (WOOHOO! It is awesome)

Earrings: Originally from clearance at Claires years ago, modified by me (I made them shorter--they were long and oh-so-heavy)

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Clear Vision

I finally got a new camera--the Canon S90, and I love it! I'm still figuring out all of the functions (it has crazy manual controls) but already the quality is so much nicer than what I had before.

Summer, although officially here, has not brought warm temperatures, sun or a plethora of ice cream trucks. Mostly it's been gray, rainy and cold (plus ice cream-less), hence my current outfit of sweater and pants. I've also been biking to work (about an hour bike ride each way) and pants are just so much easier than a skirt to bike long distances in.

Shirt: Gap via Goodwill

Pants: Don't remember

Shoes: Champion, found someone tossing them at the end of the school year and snagged them for free

Coat: This is the new wool Bebe coat I found at the Goodwill for 10$! I was pretty excited--it's not my usual style, but I rather enjoy it, and think it would be super cute with a high-waisted black full skirt.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Wardrobe Uniform

For work, I have been mainly wearing the same basic outfit (gray slacks, plain shirt, cardi, flats) every day and have thus been uninspired to snap photos. This is another one of my 'uniform' variations--neutral dress, cardi, pop-of-color tights and flats. I don't have a lot of clothing that works for my job, and I definitely will not be buying more for a job that I will only have for barely two months more.

However, I HAVE taken it upon myself to stock up my fall and winter wardrobe! Yesterday at the Goodwill I found an awesome wool Bebe zippered cropped coat (in fact, it is so awesome that I can't tell if it's ugly or awesome...but let's err on the side of awesome, shall we?) for $10, and today at the Goodwill I found a very soft, perfectly fitting purple printed sweater originally from the Gap for $6. I am just lucking out! (although Mr. P prefers to see it as 'spending lots of money on clothing you don't really need.' pfffft...) Pictures are forthcoming, hopefully on a new camera Mr. P and I will be getting in the next few days! (fingers crossed that nothing goes wrong!)

Also, I found my Holy Grail of topcoats--it's called Out The Door, and it was 5$ at a local beauty supply shop. Amaaaazing! Dries super fast, looks super shiny, does not chip very easily. I am pleased.

My Coach purse remains exciting, shiny and new--it goes so nicely with my wardrobe (plus my new wallet looks so cute inside it)!

Sunday, June 20, 2010


Coach purse!!! *squeal*

(I also like my improv hair bow--thin scarf, yay!)

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Bonjour Hello Kitty!

I've been on the hunt for a new wallet for ages now--the one that I have been using is actually a small zippered pouch, which results in me having to take out all my cards (which are all in a pile together) when I need my Safeway Card, Plato's Closet Stamp Card, etc. I have a ton of cards, apparently. However, said pouch is definitely looking a little worse for the wear (I've been using it for over a year, after my previous wallet--which I got out of a trashbin on a train in Switzerland--went kaput). Obviously, I have not really cared about my wallet in a long while. BUT I decided that I actually want a nice wallet, one I can fit my checkbook and/or passport in, one with credit card pockets and perhaps even a zippered coin pocket (!!!). So, scientific as I am, I started my research, and my conclusions after more than four months of looking? Nice wallets are expensive! I just wanted something durable, cute, and under 30$, but apparently that was asking a lot. BUT THEN I found this little number:

PERFECT! AMAZING! Not only Hello Kitty, which fulfills my need for something cute, but in PARIS? Given my French major, my time spent living in France, and my love for French wine, cheese, and bread (plus fries and toast!), this was obviously perfect. I first found it on Modcloth a few months ago, but for the (moderately) hefty price tag of 35$ plus 7$ shipping, I was feeling a bit iffy. However, this morning I was trawling the net and found it on ebay for 23$ including shipping! Imagine my elation. That was pretty much my fastest buy in ages...So now it is mine, my lovely new wallet, in 5-8 business days. Huzzah!

I am also super stoked because today is PAYDAY! First one at the new job. Hopefully to make a lot of money, since Plummy has a lot of bills (but also for some fun stuff, like this wallet!).

*happy dance*