Saturday, November 6, 2010

Two Much Rain

Well, the weather drastically turned overnight, from Sunshine McSunnyson to Rainy Gloomy Coldberg. So, I took the liberty of swapping out my Champion Tennis Shoes for my (relatively) new black Capelli rainboots (via Goodwill, as usual) in my 30 items of clothing. Kendi said coats didn't count because she didn't want to penalize us for weather differences, and I briefly thought that might apply to rainboots as well, but let's face it--if it's raining all November, then I will be living in these rainboots all November, and that should count as one of my pairs of shoes.

When building this outfit today, I thought to myself 'self, today let's aim for warm and comfy.' Inclement weather always provokes me into wearing massive amounts of layers and forgoing my jeans, which I find to be not as comfy as wearing leggings and a dress made out of sweater material.

Believe it or not, but I am wearing three layers on bottom AND three layers on top here. Secret weapon, ka-ching!

Boots: Capelli via Goodwill (purchased the night before my 30 for 30, thank you very much!)
Leggings (base layer): Underarmour
Tights (middle layer): F21, gift
Tights (outer layer): Lacey tights from F21
Longsleeve shirt (base layer): Kiabi via France
Sweater dress (middle layer): Rhapsody via Ross
Sweater-coat (outer layer): 22 via The Rack


  1. I love this--you've managed to look chic but stay warm, cozy, and rain-protected too!

  2. Thanks! Cozy, layered looks are my absolute favorite!

  3. This is awesome how you pulled off wearing so many layers without looking bulky!

  4. Thanks! The key is thin layers that trap heat--I'm a sucker for wool, silk and UNDERARMOUR! :D