Thursday, November 18, 2010

Lucky Number Thirteen

Today I chose to wear pants for a variety of reasons, but mainly because I wanted a low-energy outfit and we've seen how pants are that solution for me. However, after work I had to run an errand downtown and I felt...less stylish, especially compared to all the sharply dressed people around me. Of course, it didn't help that I ducked into Anthropologie to check out the new clothing--just to look! ;) The sales staff there are always so well-dressed, they make me feel self-conscious!

Anyways, I thought it was interesting how different I feel when in pants as compared to when I wear dresses or skirts. I definitely feel more stylish and fashionable when wearing a skirt, and I'm wondering why that is. Is it because, to me, pants signify less effort being put into an outfit (although we all know that throwing on a dress is really the ultimate in no-effort chic)? Is it because society sees dresses and skirts as being more dressed up, so I feel more fashionable? Is it because skirts are now rather uncommon, so I feel special when I wear one, like I've made a conscious decision to be different? Hmmm...I have no answers, only questions.

What do you guys think? Why do you choose to wear/not wear skirts?
Is there anything you wear that makes you feel extra fashionable?


Jeans: Martin & Osa via Goodwill
Boots: Capelli via Goodwill
Sweater: Gap via Goodwill
Cardigan: Self-made from a Goodwill find
Scarf: Unknown via Goodwill
Belt: Unknown via Goodwill
We knew the day would come...EVERYTHING I am wearing came from the Goodwill. I'm pretty much awesome. :D


  1. You are definitely awesome for having everything come from goodwill:)

    I always feel more fashionable when wearing skirts too, I think it's because in school it's really rare to see anyone wearing anything else other than jeans and a hoodie, so it's like look at me! I put effort into my outfits!

  2. This is really cute - I'm so into the belted scarf look right now :) Great boots, too!

  3. I think it's cool that you are wearing all clothes and accessories from Goodwill and you still look so stylish. That scarf is perfect, although I haven't gotten into the scarf belting. That's probably because I only own two belts but oh, well!

  4. I love when a whole outfit comes from goodwill!! Everything looks great!!

  5. I totally share your pants-ambivalence (or pants-bivalence, as I have been lately calling it), but on my end, I think it may be mostly a body-image/fit/etc problem -- I have trouble finding pants that I like that fit that are the kinds of things I am "supposed" to wear, and I find it easier to create the kinds of proportions I want to create wearing skirts and dresses. This is kind of a cop out, though, and feels like the wrong answer in the long run, both because it just postpones dealing with whatever lurking self-esteem issues are hidden under there, and because it feeds into the "there are things certain people aren't supposed to wear" ethos that contributes to the insecurities of women in general and this woman in specific. As far as the more general, societal expectations point, I definitely think there are settings where a skirt is just viewed as de facto more serious or more dressed up, and where it feels like a skirt requires less embellishment to be considered "dressed." I definitely notice it at school, since I "dress up" a little more than is viewed as necessary by some of my law school peers: if you wear nice pants, styled well, most people don't notice as much, but if you wear a skirt or a dress, ten people ask you what you're dressed up for that day.

  6. What a great commentary! I think you raise a very interesting point about pants and how they relate to body image plus societal obligations of what we are 'supposed' to wear. For me, I love the silhouette I can get from skirts and dresses, but I have had a devil of a time finding a pair of high-waisted pants that are both flattering and do not deviate too far from societal norms. I also completely agree with you about skirts being viewed as 'more dressed up,' although I think that might circle back around again to skirts being less common in everyday clothing (therefore wearing one garners attention), while prevalent in formal wear (which reinforces the connection).