Sunday, November 28, 2010

Twenty One Grams

How much time do you spend getting ready every day?


As much as I believe that it is the look of the person inside the clothing that really makes the outfit (NOTE: not the inside of the person. The look of the person herself. I believe in the goodness of people, but we're talking about the look of an outfit here), I can't quite bring myself to spend a lot of time every day making myself look faaaah-bulous. I think something inside me just rebels at the thought of wasting so much time on perfecting a look that will last less than 12 hours.


I love putting on makeup, perfecting my technique, but spending time on my hair is what I draw the line at. My hair is unruly, sort of curly and resistant to being styled--anything I do to it will fall out within a few hours. I've tried hairspray (it makes my hair oddly both stiff AND limp), hot irons (damage galore), bobby pins (slide out) and have resigned myself to never being a master of hairstyling. Enter my variety of ways to put my hair up! I love braids, but there are some days (read: today) when I just need it out of my way. Hence--ponytail.

How much time do you spend getting ready in the morning?

Do you see your makeup and hair as an integral part of your personal style, or separate?

What is your go-to hairstyle when you don't want to deal with your hair?


Skirt: H&M via Plato's Closet

Tights: Target

Shirt: Language Los Angeles via Plato's Closet

Cardigan: Unknown via Goodwill donation pile

Shoes: Naturalizer via Goodwill


  1. I love this skirt...the details are great!
    As for getting ready I try not to take too long...if I have to do my hair it usually takes longer tho...just make up and dressing takes about 10 minutes...if I have to do my hair too it takes about half an hour. I like fast best!

  2. Oh that first picture is amazing.

    I tried the no make-up for awhile and LOVED it but for some reason I found myself creeping back to it after a few months.

  3. I think this is really cute, and I love your textured tights!

    I'm definitely not a fancy-hair-fusser -- particularly when the weather is this unpredictable, my hair won't stay all the way straight anyway, so I usually focus on getting the cowlicks out of my bangs/front layers and then getting the rest of it to somewhere along the lines of "more or less dry," which takes 3-5 minutes in total. If I really don't feel like it, I'll just put some curl creme in it and scrunch and then plan to put it up (with the assistance of lots of butterfly clips/bobby pins) whenever I get to where I'm going.

  4. I have nearly all the same hair problems as you except that it's not curly. So most mornings the best it's going to get is if I run the hot iron over it a few times and then pin the unruly bits at the front out of the way...that's IF I have time to use the iron...if not it's a pinned-back ponytail.

    For special occasions I will make a real effort and would consider the hair part of the outfit but for day to day stuff it's too much to think about.

  5. Thanks for the lovely comments, everyone! It sounds like most people are also fast-is-best people, at least with hair. Emily--I can't believe you did no make-up! I have been wearing make-up for so long I feel naked without it. :/ That's pretty awesome though. Does anyone else fall into the no make-up camp?

  6. I agree with Emily, that 1st picture is gorgeous!

    Most days I spend about 10 minutes doing makeup, and 20 on my hair. I've gotten to where even curling it only takes about 10 minutes...but my hair holds curl really well so I think that's why I can do it pretty fast. The part that takes forever for me in the mornings is apartment is so cold and so I stay in the hot shower for as long as possible!

  7. Haha, I do the same thing with staying in the shower for as long as possible when it's cold. I'm jealous that your hair holds a curl though! :P

  8. I love the first pic, too! And the skirt is just fabulous.

    If I have extra time in the morning, I'll spend it on my hair, otherwise, a little tease and a pony tail it is!

    Have you ever heard of the Goody Spin Pins? They sell them at Target, but basically just two coils that you spin into your hair and it'll hold a bun really well, much better than bobby pins that fall out. You should try that!

  9. I love that your nails are color coordinated with your outfit! That skirt is just fantastic on you!

    Showering, hair, make-up, getting dressed usually takes me 25-30 minutes. It can be a little longer on the days I wash my hair and have to dry it.

  10. kimmie--I haven't heard of the Goody Spin Pins, but I'm always on the hunt for more cheater ways to get my hair to behave! I usually try to do a bun with bobby pins...that definitely fall out within a few hours. I will definitely check these pins out. :)

    La Historiadora--I totally didn't plan my nails! I only wear a few colors of clothing, and I happen to own most of the same colors in nail polish, so they usually match unintentionally. I actually wore this blue color three days in a row and all three days it matched part of my outfit. :P I love this part of having a color palette--I don't have to think about matching, I just throw stuff on and it all works out!

  11. i hate getting ready in the morning! i dont want to shower, i dont want to do my hair, i dont want to put on makeup! ...but i also dont want to look like a bum, so i do all of these things (most of the time). on days when i'm really not feeling it, it takes me about half an hour. but on days when i flat-iron my hair? little over an hour. which is TOO LONG! (and i have a LOT of hair, i'm fast.)