Friday, April 30, 2010


OMG I just found the most perfect pair of shoes EVER. I have been looking for a pair of cute, leather (not suede!), comfy high-heeled oxford shoes for the past eight months or so, and HERE THEY ARE! Once I start work over the summer, these will be mine! Think how cute they will be, paired with a skirt and opaque tights...under skinny jeans...with a skirt suit...Best part: Out of a ton of reviews, they are known as being super comfy heels. Only one reviewer had anything mildly bad to say about them, and I think her problem (the back of the shoe rubbing against her heel) would go away once the shoes are broken in (hopefully).

Details: Clarks (are you surprised?) 'Diamond Color'

I dearly hope they are not sold out before I can get my grubby little hands on a guess is about a month, at least, until my first paycheck...

Yummy Shoes

One of my favorite activities is making lists, even when they are completely unnecessary. I love the way that they make me feel organized, like I have a handle on things, and I love the feeling of crossing off items from a to-do list. Since I am currently on a no-buy and am trying to be more conscious with what new articles of clothing I buy (when I do start shopping again), one of my favorite activities recently has been making, editing, and adding things to my 'articles of clothing that I want' list.

One of my worries with my goal of buying quality clothing items over quantity is that my shopping habits won't really change, I will just be spending more money as I justify it with 'but it's quality!' reasoning. Some specific items I think will naturally avoid this trap--for example, one of the items on my to-buy list is a pair of comfy summer sandals. I don't think I have had a pair of truly comfortable sandals since I was a kid, and those were the huge, clunky, dark brown 'leather' ones that lots of kids my age had. I have a ton of feet and ankle problems (achilles tendonitis in both ankles? check. extra high arches? check. unusual bone structure that encourages feet wear and tear? check.) and with how active I am in the summer, I think this would be a good investment. Now, I use the term 'investment' in terms of both the health of my feet as well as an eventual lower PPW for the shoes. Normally at the beginning of every summer I fork out between 20 and 40$ for a pair of summer shoes that usually wear out by fall. I am hoping to avoid this problem with the amazing shoe options I have found! They are a bit pricey, but if they last merely two summers then they will have an equal or lower PPW than my cheapy versions (with more comfort!).

Indigo by Clarks 'Smooch'

Clarks Unstructured 'Un.helm' Sandal

Indigo by Clarks 'Bordeaux' Sanda


Indigo by Clarks 'Edie' Sandal

Ok, so the last one is more of a 'lust' than an actual shoe I would get...but aren't they all pretty? They are all by Clarks (haven't tried the brand yet, but have heard good things about the comfort), they are all in that light brown/honey/cognac shade that I enjoy so very much, they are all leather, and they are all flat. Oh, and they all can be bought from Nordstrom, which I love because of the return policy (often, with my feet, I don't even notice that the shoes are not comfortable until I wear them for a week or so, and with other stores I am then SOL and cannot return them. Yay Nordstrom!). Pretty much all my requirements.

However, some other items on my list I worry that I will fall into the trap of spending more for 'quality' and ending up with another problematic garment in my wardrobe, since I am not that great yet at deciding what looks good on me, what I will actually wear in real life, and what I will *still* like six months down the road. I'm hoping that the reality check of spending money on a single garment will challenge my beliefs enough, but I would love it if I could transfer this thought process over to my second hand shopping, where I wouldn't be spending a ton of money. It's so much harder to be picky when each item costs under 5$ thought process: 'well, even if I only wear it six times, that puts my PPW under 1$, and then it's worth it, right?' Not really. I really shouldn't buy something that I only plan on wearing for a few times, unless it's special-occasion wear.

Well, it's all a process, right? I'm in my twenties, so I always have the 'young and stupid' excuse to fall back on, lol. Besides, if I'm afraid to change things up a bit, try new ideas, take chances, then what's left? So I'll try my experiment of quality over quantity, while also trying to bring it to my second hand shopping.

Granted, this doesn't start until I can actually *go* shopping. 15 days left, according the 365 Fashion Rehab Challenge!

Ok, Outfit of the Day.

Scarf: Selfmade
Shirt: Gap, via Plato's Closet
Dress: Unknown, Goodwill Outlet
Belt: Target
Leggings: Under Armour
Socks: Target
Boots: Faded Glory via Goodwill

Goal Count Up:
Exercise: I'm bad...but I *did* run all over today with errands and work and planning last-minute events for my hall! *hangs head in shame*
Vitamins: Check

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Snow Showers Bring May Flowers?

Yup, it snowed this morning. So I am posting a picture of one of my favorite winter outerwear combinations.

Coat: From the store Jenifer in France. One of my best purchases, to date, EVER.
Hat: Goodwill Outlet
Pin (on hat): Vintage via Garage Sale
Scarf: Self-made
Tights: We Love Colors
Shoes: Merona

I also wanted to touch on why I started this blog, since I don't think I really talked about it in the first post, as is usually tradition. :P I definitely don't think my style is fabulous, and I do feel rather silly posting my outfit pics online when there are so many other wonderful, inspiring fashion bloggers out there. However, one of my goals is to improve my style (as well as find what, exactly, my style IS) and I thought it would be interesting to document that process. I love love LOVE lists, and organizing things, and thought that while I'm working on this goal, I might as well blog about other goals of mine (so far: vitamins, exercise, spending habits) to see how I follow through. Even so far, just blogging about it has helped a bit--I've been good with eating my vitamins, which I loooooaaathe, just because I like checking it off of my Goals For The Day list. ^-^ Besides, someday when I am absolutely fabulous, other people might want to use my progress as a guide to become fabulous themselves, no? hehe...well, I can dream. ;)

On the Day

Well, here is my first outfit of the day...actually posted on the day that I am wearing it! It's like a miracle. I'm also not so sure that this is the most flattering outfit...I love the gray sweater, it's cashmere from Banana Republic that I got at the Goodwill Outlet (meaning, for about 25 cents), but unfortunately I think it is a bit too small--very short in the torso and arms. I am debating either keeping it, and always wearing it with a cami underneath and the arms rolled up (what I usually do) or just getting rid of it and trying to find a neutral sweater that actually fits me. It's always such a conundrum, lol. I'll probably keep it, wear it with shirts underneath, be rather disgruntled, and surreptitiously be on the look out for another one, much to the chagrin of Mr.P who will insist 'You already have one just like it!'

These rainboots...I love them, let me just say. They are bright pink and have Eiffel towers, mopeds, and little French poodles on them. Not necessarily the most subdued boot, definitely not work-appropriate for when I am an Instructional Assistant, but I very much enjoy them. Plus, they make jumping in puddles that much more fun!

Well, I did it--I got rid of several items of clothing Mr.P loves that I hate. I was supported by everyone else in our living room (a variety of roommates and friends) and Mr.P was very grumpy, lol.

Shirt: Banana Republic via Goodwill Outlet
Skirt: Self-made
Leggings: Underarmor, amaaazing!
Boots: Gift
Scarf: Gift

Goal Count Up:
Exercise: I have to come clean. Didn't end up jumping rope yesterday. My room is so messy with all the imminent packing that there is no room to jumprope, and I'm too self conscious to jumprope in the common room. Normally, I try not to be so self-conscious that it stops me from doing things, but honestly? If you were trying to do something and attracted a crowd of various people (friends and acquaintances) who live in or around your apartment, who then stare at you weirdly, ask what you are doing (umm...obvious much?) and make fun of you, then you probably would be somewhat deterred as well.
Vitamins: Yup. At least I have that!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Red is Fabulous

Dress: From Ross
Tights: We Love Colors
Boots: Steve Madden. Love.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


I've been going through all my clothing. I have so many things that I have, don't wear, but keep for a variety of reasons. Either I bought it on vacation and it has memories, or it's ok but not great but I'm keeping it until I get something better, or it's one of the several things I have that Mr.P loves me wearing (despite not caring about women's fashion) that I absolutely hate, but he will pout and be grumpy if I get rid of it, so I keep it and hide it to avoid wearing it. Now that I've typed all that out, it does sound rather ridiculous. Maybe I can sneak some stuff *out* past Mr.P... (better than sneaking it purchases, right?) Anyways, with an impending move and my desire to update my wardrobe, I figure the best way to start is by culling out the rejects and then taking stock of what I have.

I *do* have many things that are ok but not great, looking over my clothing. I seem to have FIVE sweaters with three-quarter sleeves in bright colors, ALL of which are too short in the torso for me to feel comfortable wearing them with pants and without a camisole to lengthen the hemline...which always leaves that weird strip of contrasting camisole right around my hips (my widest part). I should toss some of them, but they're cute! And (most of them) teacher appropriate! Why toss them until I get correct fitting ones, right? hmmmm...

For example, here's a picture of one of my sweaters with a gray cami under it. With a skirt, not with pants, but the same idea:

Things to think about...

Anyways, here's a picture of my outfit from last week.

Wow, I do look tired in this picture. And I curled my hair with this ridiculous 'steam setter' set my mom had in college. I always get crazy poodle hair with it, lol, but I enjoy it!

Sweater: Express, via Goodwill Outlet
Shirt: Old Navy
Skirt: Handmade
Tights: Forever 21 (gift--never buy F21 tights, they run and get holes like crazy)
Shoes: from France, two years ago

Goal Count Up:
Exercise: Ran yesterday
Vitamins: Ate my vitamins. Blech, but the huge pill go down easier with food than water. *mental note*

Monday, April 26, 2010


The weather is definitely edging into springtime, but that really means that the sun can lure unwitting victims outside with promises of beach weather and margaritas, and then the poor hapless individuals get smacked with icy winds who promise that summer is not quite here yet. This all boils down to leggings, tights and (occasionally) jeans for Plummy! I love wearing skirts and dresses, although I am still trying to find the perfect mix of put-together, not-too-stuffy, not-too-young but not-matronly dresses and skirts. style may change soon (not too much, but a bit) because I was just hired as an Instructional Assistant for the upcoming school year! We all know what that means, right? Chic teachers outfits, pencil skirts, practical-yet-cute shoes...My favorite types of clothing. :)

Of course, Mr. P does not approve of the impending expenses required to update my wardrobe. (Please note: my budget has not changed, so despite having the promise of a job, so the 'impending expenses' will still not be anywhere near a large chunk of change) But let's face it, Mr. P has been wearing the same cut-off pair of army shorts for the past 7 years, and has decided that they 'might' need replacing only because they are currently almost more patches and mends than actual original short. I love him dearly, but I am resolute! A few items to update my wardrobe and help to transition it from student to teacher are needed. Plus, my newest goal: To buy quality, pretty pieces that will stick around my wardrobe for longer than one season. I might pay a little more (espeeeecially for shoes, considering my plethora of feet problems) but I hope to end up with a lower PPW (price per wear).

On that note, here is another OotD (outfit of the day).

Dress: H&M via Plato's Closet
Sweater: Hollister via Goodwill Outlet (see? Awesome finds to be had!)
Tights: black from Target
Boots: Steve Madden (love them, but a terrible design on the heel and sole led to me re-soling them for a much better wear)

No Goal Count-up--second post of the day!
Recently, as I stated in my last post, I have started maintaining polished nails nearly constantly. Rather than being a pain to keep up, as many friends have questioned, it is a time of relaxation when I paint them and let them dry. However, even beyond looking pretty, I have been painting them constantly because of two other reasons: 1. I bite my nails. I know, it's unattractive, it's bad. I had successfully broken myself of the habit (for about 8 years, so it was a successful break) until last year, when the stress of classwork drove me to biting again. The stress and biting have both continued to this year (damn you, senior thesis! *shakes fist*), but the polish acts as a check and I bite my nails significantly less with the polish on. 2. My nails have been peeling like crazy and the polish helps protect them. Yes, I've done my research--my polish does not contain the formaldehyde or other ingredients that cause peeling.

I actually think the peeling is caused by a deficiency of omega-3 fatty acids, which could also be a cause of the brittleness of my hair. Omega-3's are becoming increasingly uncommon in our food, especially as our fat sources are being switched over to synthetic fats and only a few sources of natural fats (which are much more likely to have omega-6's, and trans fats, but not omega-3's). Omega-3 fatty acids are found mainly in fish, walnuts and flaxseed...but as a very poor graduating Uni student, none of those are options for my diet. So I've decided to start eating multivitamins with omega-3 supplements! This will not cost extra, since I already have a box of them sitting around from a gift I got over Christmas. Vitamins as an omega-3 source are not as readily absorbed into the body as natural sources, but better than nothing, right? This is actually a subset of a larger goal, which is USE UP ALL OLD ITEMS BEFORE BUYING NEW. In this case, my new goal is:

Eat 1 packet (yes, my multivitamins come in a packet...they are a pain to take) of multivitamins every other day. Mr. P (Plummy's hubby) says it is not healthy to eat that many vitamins every day, so I will take his advice (especially as Mr. P never gets sick).

Alright, now it's time for a new feature: Goal countup!

Exercise: Ran 1 mile this morning, time-8m45s. Not my best, but felt great afterwords.
Vitamins: Yesterday ate my pack

And a new outfit of the day:

Dress: Forever 21. I am so happy my favorite color (bright orange-red, like a VERY vivid coral--we shall call it vivicoral) is in style this season! Time to stock up, woohoo!
Vest: Forever 21
Leggings: My cut-off tights again
Shoes: Goodwill

First Entry

Well, here it is. My first blog entry. We'll see how long this blogging thing lasts for me--my attention span is notoriously short and I tend to flit from obsession to obsession. However, I've decided to try to make my short bursts of intense focus work for me as I set a series of small goals for myself in an effort to improve me. Think of it as Plummy, but better. These short goals may take a variety of forms, recently including: exercise more (I've been running for three days a week for the past year and a half, with minor incidences of falling off the bandwagon--read: summer and vacations), improve my style (still a major work in progress), improve my hair (dying, bleaching, straightening and blowdrying are apparently not good things...) and improving my nail care (I have started painting my nails regularly, huzzah for good nail care). However, one of the main limiting factors (besides my lack of attention span): lack of funds. Yep, this will not be a fabulous blog full of recent designer acquisitions (or even recent department store acquisitions). I am just graduating from University, my husband and I just bought our first car, and we are completely broke. However, I have joined the no-buy month over at 365 Fashion Rehab for a sense of solidarity in my inability to buy things! But anyways...

One of my recent goals: attempt to take daily outfit pictures to get an idea of what style I am portraying, what is flattering, and what definitely is not. I've been doing this for about two months now and will be posting them here to share what I am learning with all of you. Assuming anyone reads this, of course. :P

Well, first post, might as well do first photo:

Might as well start off with a relatively flattering one. This was from a semi-formal event that I went to yesterday.
Dress: Goodwill
Belt: Target
Leggings: lol, these are old nylons that I cut the feet off of.
Shoes: I LOVE these shoes. Not very comfy, though. :( Dollhouse. 12$ on clearance from Ross, originally size 6.5 (I am 7.5, somehow these fit). I used my trick of wearing socks in gradually increasing sizes, culminating with wool socks that I then wear, with the shoes on, in the shower (never with leather shoes! only with synthetic, I promise!) to stretch them out to my feet, mold them if you will. My method has worked wonders with these and a few other pairs I have gotten that have been a bit tight!
Earrings: Claires, from a sale over five years ago.