Saturday, November 13, 2010


(I'm so punny, har har har...)

I have entered back into the land of the living and coherent! My surgery went well, thank you for all the well-wishes! I will be taking the next few days easy, but am now excited to see how everyone has been doing on their 30 for 30s since I've been out.

Maybe it's the chilly weather, or the fact that I haven't been feeling super well, but lately I've been craving warm, cozy and easy ensembles. Here are some links that have been particularly inspiring to me lately!

Secrets of French Girls--This is an intriguing, in-depth article about how French women dress as compared to American women. It echoes many of the sentiments I have been trying to steer my personal style towards--having a few, high quality pieces of clothing rather than over-consuming cheap pieces.

Fyndigt--This Swedish blogger is super cute and has a fun, relaxed style that I love. I enjoy how, when looking through her blog, it is obvious that her wardrobe isn't huge but she is still very fashionable and comes up with many different outfits from what she has.


Daily Fashion Boost--This is another adorable blogger from the Netherlands. I am in love with her subdued, but still fun, color palette. I also love how she exudes girlishness, but isn't over-the-top--she has a great balance in her outfits.


Orchid Grey--This is one of my favorite blog sites that I check constantly. I love how she puts together looks that are relaxed, feminine, but with her own distinctive touch. I especially love this look that she did--the skirt plus the hat are just perfect! The skirt actually inspired a recent sewing project that I will show everyone this upcoming week!


Clearly Classic--A fellow 30 for 30 participant that I found recently, I love her use of fun tights in this post to spice up an outfit! She is definitely the inspiration for putting several pairs of tights in my wish list...

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  1. thanks for adding me on their Plummy :)
    glad your surgery went well. :)