Saturday, November 13, 2010

Style vs Fashion vs Fads

Alright, so today I have most likely progressed to this stage:

(mostly unaware of what's happening in the world, but still fully aware that something is not right!)
(If you have no idea what I am talking about, I had my wisdom teeth removed on Friday and I am NOT a happy camper. These posts are pre-planned while I become a self-pitying blob of painful unhappiness)
So it’s time for me to bring up the concept of fashionable verses trendy verses stylish. It seems to me that the word ‘trendy’ has fallen out of fashion (haha, pun intended!). ‘Trendy,’ for me, signifies someone who has no personal image to express to the world, but instead lets the fashion industry dictate what she will be wearing. (I say she, but this could also apply to men as well—I just see it more obviously in women, and have more experience with it as it applies to women) After five years she will have an entire new wardrobe and it may be completely unrelated to the wardrobe she had five years prior.
On the other extreme, for me ‘style’ implies that the woman is extremely aware of the image she is presenting to the world and she refuses to change her style in acknowledgment of the passing fads. Five years may pass and she may still be wearing the same type of clothing, but out of love of the style, not out of a lack of self-awareness.

I see fashionable as being in the middle—having a strong opinion about her personal style, while still bending with the popular styles of the season. In five years, her style will change, but it will still be recognizable as having her unique stamp.

Do you agree with me in the way that I’ve defined trendy, fashionable and stylish? Or do you think I’m completely off the mark?
Do you identify yourself as one of the three?

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