Monday, November 15, 2010

One Third Review

I am one third of the way through my very first 30 for 30...let's take a look BEHIND THE SCENES (oooh, aaah) at how I've been doing.

The item I have worn the MOST OFTEN: My black Steve Madden boots. Really, no one can be surprised by this.
The item I have worn SECOND MOST OFTEN: My new black and brown cardigan--this is most likely because a. It's relatively new, and b. It's warm and the weather is super chilly.

The items I HAVE NOT YET WORN (shock and horror):
1. My brown Giusti boots (mainly due to the vast amounts of rain, and my reluctance to wear new leather and suede boots out in said rain).
2. Tan Trench H&M skirt: this is a weekend/evening only skirt (not work-appropriate due to the shortness) and so it's remixability is limited. *sniff* I hope to wear it in the weekends left to me, however!
3. Blue Language Los Angeles shirt and
4. Pinstriped 6 Degrees Button-down shirt:both of these are short sleeved and I just haven't gotten around to wearing them yet.
5. Orchid Martin & Osa silk dress: how? I don't know. MUST WEAR!
6. Black H&M blazer: I had to do a double take for this one. Weird. This must be due to my recent love-affair with my black and brown cardigan. Note to self: Spread love around!
7. Grey Gap long-sleeve shirt: I grabbed this mainly as a layering piece and have found myself reaching for my black Kiabi long-sleeve more often because it's thicker and fits better. Hey, the truth hurts grey gap long-sleeve shirt!
8. Black Tricot Jolie knit shirt: it's short sleeve and I'm cold. I sense a trend...

Well, there you have it--out of 30 items, over 25% of them I have not worn yet! For shame! Although I will say that almost all of them have not been worn because they are NOT APPROPRIATE FOR THE WEATHER. I need warmer clothing. Or to gain a layer of blubber like a walrus. Note to self...


I think my favorite outfit is either number 6 (I love how soft everything looks!) or number 2. My least favorite is definitely number 3--it doesn't have anything special or fun about it. I was trying to go for geeky pretty, but just achieved awkward. Oh well, live and learn! :) I enjoy compiling all of my pictures together like this, I can really see my overall trends. For example, I didn't notice how I almost always wear black shoes! Also, it's obvious how I love my neutrals with pops of red (and occasionally teal, or a dark neutral-y purple).

What outfits do you enjoy the most? Which ones do you think I could improve on, and how? Have you noticed any trends in your wardrobe? Finally, am I the only one who has items she hasn't yet worn in this 30 for 30 challenge?


  1. I think my fave is number 6 too, I also love your hair in that pic.

    I think I just have one item that I haven't worn yet, it's a tan blazer that no matter what I pair it with, I don't care for it. It'll probably be put in the goodwill donation pile once this challenge is over unless I come up with a brilliant idea to wear it before then.

  2. Haha, challenges like this one (or my Four Ways to Wear, as well) always throw into sharp relief those items that just will NOT work! If you don't care for an item, just donate it--wouldn't you prefer having a closet full of items you are in love with?

  3. I liked #9 and 10 the best, I can't decide which one more though. And I still have so many items from my 30 that haven't been worn yet either! but most of them are shoes. haha

  4. wow, for only using a fraction of your items you have produced 10 days worth of very different looking outfits!! I like #4 for the color scheme (it's one I use often), #6 for the soft neutrals and #10 for the pop of color in the tights.
    I still have a few unworn things in my arsenal as well...