Friday, November 12, 2010

Fashion Rules in Magazines

Well, about now my post-surgery face probably looks something like this:

And the inside of my poor, pain-killer drugged out brain probably looks close to this:

So let’s talk fashion rules and the blogging community!

But first, gentle viewers, let’s travel back to last Sunday, when I was impatiently waiting at my favorite chicken teriyaki take-out restaurant for my order to come up. I grabbed one of the new magazines and absent mindedly paged through it, wanting to see if any of my personal fashion likes ended up in the ‘popular for fall’ section (which, of course, signals for a time to stock up!). However, I was dismayed and angered at the Guide for Weekend Wear section. Mincing no words, the author dictated that neither dresses nor skirts were appropriate for the weekend. Only skinny jeans (but not too skinny!), sweaters and either a long necklace or a scarf were appropriate choices. Wow, so I get to express my individual style in choosing either a necklace (within reason) or a scarf (long and drapey—knitted scarves were not permitted!).

Admittedly, I do not read magazines very often, so I can’t be sure that this isn’t de rigueur for an article. However, I’m not completely out of touch with pop-culture. Aren’t we supposed to be glorifying individual style? Accepting a variety of looks (as long as they conform to the ideal body type—but that’s a completely different discussion, for a different time!) for women and men to display? Am I being na├»ve in thinking that this article was completely out of line? I definitely see a more accepting viewpoint in the blogging community, with a greater emphasis on developing a recognizable personal style rather than following the dictations of a higher fashion power.
What do you think?


  1. I think it was totally and completely out of line and not true at all. In fact, I've seen tons of articles claiming just the opposite. I don't know what magazine you were thumbing through, but as a fashion mag enthusiast, I think you should just chalk it up to a biased writer making it past an editor that wasn't paying much attention. Obviously, this writer was writing from his/her own opinion and certainly not the norm.

  2. That sounds like very boring weekend wear, I definitely don't agree either.

    I've also never had my wisdom teeth out, but that definitely does not sound fun, feel better soon!