Sunday, November 28, 2010


Time for your weekly dose of linkage, c/o Plummy! This week I found myself gravitating towards small doses of extravagance.


I love the attention to detail in this post at Le Blog de Sushi, especially the glitter brogues and cute earrings.


This blogger from Moldova has a lovely winter look, one with not too many layers but still looking incredibly warm. I've been to Moldova in the winter and it's quite cold, so it's great to see how a blogger tackles this cold weather challenge!


This sweater is just the right amount of interest for an outfit. While I am not sure I could pull off the bright mustard quite as well as this blogger, I love the idea of a thick wrap-like sweater with a pattern.


I love the pattern mixing here! I tend to default to solids or subtle patterns and it is refreshing to see such a great use of pattern.

Finally, I love E. of Academichic. A fellow 30 for 30 remixer, I have always enjoyed her use of classic lines and awesome shoes, especially in this post.


  1. cute post! practically have the first pair of shoes cept they are just silver shiny not sparkes. found ur blog through a comment on the second blog post. check out my blog to see if your eligible for an award.

  2. Ah! So I totally just saw your comment about this. I feel so honored to be featured here, thank you so much, aweee! :D :D <3

  3. You're welcome! I love visiting your blog, some of the photos are stunning. :)

  4. Thanks for including me in your blog post! x Sushi