Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Nineteen (84)

I woke up thoroughly annoyed with my 30 item wardrobe. I was tired of remixing, tired of dealing with only the 30 items I chose, and I was grumpy to boot! So I put on my big girl pants and did what any self-respecting remixer would do--I wore a scarf as a top. *blows raspberry at 30 items* I wanted to rough up my outfit today and not have everything as pristine as it usually is. Given that my 30 items are all pretty clean-lined and nice looking, I used this plaid scarf I have been turning to again and again recently. I fastened it with several pins, wore multiple items of underarmour, and popped on my boots. Ready for another day of snow! Now that I am all dressed, I realize that I was being silly, and I have actually learned many things from this remix already!


1. I usually rotate what I wear through these 30 items (there are only a few items in my wardrobe I really wanted to wear that I couldn't)

2. My winter wardrobe is woefully unprepared. Apparently I only own three long-sleeve shirts, including my purple sweater (but not including the three pieces of Underarmour that I wear underneath). I am completely unsure how this has happened, as I have lived in cold-weather climates for the past four years...

3. I really do wear scarves almost every single day.

4. I have a great basic wardrobe but would like to add more layers of interest--I found myself consistently wanting a piece to roughen an outfit up, or add a bit of contrast. This is where my desire for patterned tights, vintage shopping and not-so-feminine touches is emerging from.

5. I use thrift shopping as a hobby as well as a way to de-stress and get out of the house. Without thrift shopping I have been able to catch up on some projects I didn't have the time to do before (sewing, mending, cleaning and cooking) but I am still craving that hunt.

6. I can make do with what I have! This is the lesson I learned today, as I was able to put together an outfit that looked (to me) a little less pristine, a little more interesting, using items I already have. Of course, I still want to go thrift shopping, but I know I don't have to.


What items do you wish you had included (or could buy) during this challenge?

Have you missed shopping, or do you welcome the reprieve? If you have missed it, why?

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Leggings: Underarmour (only one layer today? It's like a miracle)
Skirt: H&M via Plato's Closet
Shirt: Underarmour
Scarf worn as wrap: Self-made
Pins: Gift from Grandma
Boots: Giusti via Goodwill
Socks: Target


  1. I find that using the outfit worksheets (or some other method of planning) helps to alleviate remixing frustration. With a little planning I can make sure that I'm utilizing all my items, that my outfits look different enough, and that I have less stress when getting ready in the morning. I with you on missing thrift stores though.

  2. I love the scarf-as-a-top, and those pins are so cool! I'm wishing I had prepared better for winter too, the beginning of November was a lot warmer than it is now.

  3. Those thrifted boots are killer! I can almost never find shoes in my size at the thrift shops.

    I do a lot of remixing even without the challenge, so that's not so difficult. The frustrating thing for me is having to snap outfit photos everyday. And I kind of feel like right now I'm hogging the blog from my co-bloggers.

  4. I'm officially in awe of your scarf-into-top-making skills. Amazing!

  5. well your being annoyed with this remix worked out well for you today! i love this outfit, that scarf looks SO WARM! and i wish i lived in a colder climate just so i could wer underarmour every day. love it.

  6. Haha, living in a colder climate is an adventure! I definitely get my practice layering and finding warm clothing. :)