Thursday, December 30, 2010

Four Ways To Wear Episode 14: Teal Shirt

The Candidate: A silk teal shirt

The Goal: A versatile, comfortable piece that will function in a work setting as well as at play.

The Results:
Shirt: Matty M via Plato's Closet
Skirt: Brass Plum via Goodwill
Tights: F21, gift
Boots: Giusti via Goodwill
Necklace: from a street vendor in Rome
Long sleeve shirt: Energie, gift

Shirt: Matty M via Plato's Closet
Long sleeve shirt: Energie, gift
Tights: Hue via The Rack
Skirt: Self-made
Belt: Goodwill
Shoes: Naturalizer via Goodwill

Shirt: Matty M via Plato's Closet
Pants: AE via Plato's Closet
Shoes: Naturalizer via Goodwill

Shirt: Matty M via Plato's Closet
Belt: Target
Dress: unknown via Goodwill
Shoes: Curfew via Goodwill

The Verdict: I love it! The color and shape work nicely into the rest of my wardrobe, the sleeves add a bit of luxe, and the silk material is divine. I was worried about laundering it--it says Dry Clean Only, which is do-able but not ideal--but after doing some research I think I will be able to handwash it in lukewarm water with baby shampoo and it will be fine. My only concern is how it will wear and if it would be able to travel. However, I scored it for $15 at Plato's Closet and paid for it with a gift card I have been holding for ages, so it was (basically) free! For that, I won't feel too bad using it as a 'test run' everyday wear silk shirt.

This is also replacing two similar shirts that I had previously but in cotton. For some reason, I was under the impression that I wore them frequently, but looking back through my blog I can only find one entry when I wore one of them! You can barely see it, but I wore it when I was showing off the suede Coach bag I won from 365 Fashion Rehab's no-shop challenge. I had two of these shirts--teal, loose-fitting, cotton. I guess they were the type of shirt that I would pull out, think about wearing, and ultimately put them back. I certainly hope that is not the case with this lovely silk shirt!

Do you guys have any tips for silk clothing? Have you handwashed any silk items, and did it turn out well (or not so well)?

Have you ever had any items of clothing that you thought you wore all the time, but it turns out you didn't? (am I the only person this has happened to? See, this is why I like having a blog--it helps support my failing memory!)


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  1. LOVE it with a high waisted skirt! the color is beautiful

    One time I washed a silk shirt in the washer by accident, it made it more cotton looking. Still wearable, but not nearly as pretty.

  2. Hmmm, good to know. I will definitely avoid putting it in the washer--I know that submerging silk in water for more than a few minutes weakens and can distort the fabric, and the friction will start to break down the fibers. It's really reassuring to know that it doesn't just completely go belly up when washed, even in the washing machine! :)

  3. This is a great series. Makes me want to go back and read every single one. This shirt is more versatile than I would have thought seeing it by itself - good work!
    (I don't know that I've ever had a silk shirt, so I have no suggestions for you. Good luck!)

    The Auspicious Life

  4. Thanks! I like doing the Four Ways to Wear episodes--it really helps me find out if the item is as versatile as I think it is! Also,once I do decide to keep it, I can always look back and see what I was thinking when I bought it, haha.

  5. I loove the sleeves on that top! Looks like it was a great find.