Sunday, December 12, 2010

Lost Gorillapod

Readers...I have a confession. I have not posted an outfit photo for almost a week now, and it has been partially due to the fact that it has been POURING rain and very dark here in Big City. However, it has mostly been due to the fact that I cannot find my Gorillapod. I am thinking that it fell out of my purse at the grocery store, or magnetically attached itself to something (the grocery cart? the bottom of my car?) and I didn't notice. I have spent four days looking for it and it is nowhere to be seen, and I have narrowed time the estimated time of loss to a period of about an hour, so I'm pretty sure I didn't just misplace it at home. I am hoping that someone will take pity on me and gift another one to me for Christmas, but as punishment for my negligence I will be without a Gorillapod until at least then.


This loss brings about a very interesting point, however. I functioned without a Gorillapod for many years, and kept up my blog without it for many months. Granted, I think my photo quality has greatly increased with the use of the Gorillapod, but I AM capable of functioning without one. So why did I completely halt my photo-taking during this period? Did I become so dependent on the Gorillapod in our short time together that I could not function without it? Or was taking photos merely the vehicle to use my new toy, the Gorillapod? I'm not sure.

Well, I finally bucked up and took my photos today the old-fashioned way, by balancing my camera on a small shelf and taking the photos in my backyard. They're not as pretty as they have been with my late and beloved Gorillapod, but you can see what I'm wearing today.

I went to a greenhouse this weekend!

Do you have anything you psychologically NEED to do an activity, even if said item is not vital to the activity itself?

Do you have any tricks to finding something that you've lost? Or any stories to commiserate with me? (Mr. P can tell you I have been sad and mopey about my missing Gorillapod for days now!)

On a brighter note--I made this skirt! You might remember this charcoal gray dress I wore a few times. I loved the material (a wool blend) and the pintucks on the skirt near the hem, but the top of the dress was bulky and never would lay quite right. So, I busted out my sewing machine, took out my scissors, and turned it into this cute little skirt. Not only does it change a hard-to-wear item into a very wearable item, but it fills my recent desire for another casual skirt!

Are you a DIY fan? Can you point me to any awesome projects you've done (for inspiration)?


Shirt: Merona via Goodwill
Skirt: Self-made
Tights: Hue via Plato's Closet
Boots: Capelli via Goodwill
Zip-up: Marmot
Belt: Unknown via Goodwill


  1. I love this! The blue tights work so well, and I am super impressed by your mad skirt-making skillz!

  2. Girl, you rock that blue tights like no other!!!


  3. That skirt is AMAZING!!!!!!! Do you happen to have a pattern to share? I would LOVE to recreate it too! And I love the pop of color the tights add!

  4. I'm glad that this time I seem to be pulling off the blue tights better than last time! :P Amy Z--I wish I had a pattern to share, but I literally just chopped off the top of the dress and sewed on elastic, gathering the fabric as I went! I folded everything over, sewed it again, and hey presto! The skirt was done. If I do it again, however, I will be sure to take photos for a tutorial! :)

  5. I'm really sorry to hear your gorillapod is missing!

    I love the blue tights and that skirt you made is just fantastic! I wish I had sewing skills, but, aside from sewing on a button or the occasional darning, I'm pretty hopeless.

  6. Adore this!! And I can't sew a button, so color me jealous!

    Also, I just tagged you on our blog! Yay!

  7. I love the skirt! It's really cute. I love DIY stuff but sometimes I'm too afraid to alter something I already own for fear of messing it up.

    What Would a Nerd Wear has a great tutorial for an elastic waist skirt with pockets. I've used it once, and I plan to use it again. It's really simple and the skirt turns out super cute.

    And sorry about the guerilla pod! Hope it turns up.