Monday, December 6, 2010

Thirty out of Thirty


Wow. I can't believe this is it. I made it through this month and it seemed so speedy. There were some outfits that just struggled to be put together, such as this one with the blue tights, but there were other outfits, such as the one for today, that just fell together effortlessly. I knew I wanted to wear something fun for the last day of the challenge and I wanted to incorporate this peach J. Crew sweater, and everything else just fell into place.

The review for the last third of the challenge, plus my overall thoughts, will be up later tonight!

Skirt: Preview Collection via Goodwill
Tights: Gray F21 tights layered over Black Target tights
Shirt: J. Crew via Goodwill
Scarf: Unknown via Goodwill
Sweater: Unknown via Goodwill


  1. Congrats! So proud of you -- and what a cute outfit to finish on!

  2. Congrats on being done with the challenge! I just have one more outfit to post, and I'm stoked about it. This is a great outfit to finish on too, I love how that scarf looks with the peach sweater!

  3. Congratulations :) Are you super excited to get to use the rest of your closet??

  4. I am SO EXCITED to use the rest of my closet!!! I am also extremely excited to go to all my favorite thrift shops again (how have I not gone yet?!).