Monday, December 6, 2010

Thirty for Thirty Overall Review


Click here if you want to see my review of the first third of the 30 for 30, and click here if you want to see my review of the middle third of this challenge.

Things that surprised me:

In the final third, my most worn item far and away was my pair of black Naturalizer leather flats, and not my black boots as in the first two thirds of the challenge. Why the shift?

How content I am with my wardrobe now. I feel like every piece has proven its worth and deserves a spot in my closet--if anything, I now feel more attached to each of my 30 items, rather than less attached.

I wear skirts 2/3 of the time...I guess that makes sense.

Apparently I can stand to invest a bit more money in cardigans and blazers, since only ONE DAY OUT OF THE THIRTY did I go without one or the other. (how did this happen?!?!)

I also wore a scarf 47% of the time. Hm. I thought it would be over 50% of the time, but I guess not.

I completely did not realize how seldom I wear each piece in my wardrobe. Out of these thirty items, there were quite a few that I only wore twice over the course of the month. When I only had thirty items to choose from! Think of how seldom I wear an item normally when I can choose out of my entire wardrobe, then factor in my seasonal wardrobe (for example, all of my summer-specific items are put away right for the cold-weather months). I wonder if I have quite a few items that are only worn a handful of times in a season.

How often do you think you wear a given item of clothing in a season? How many times do you think you wear each item before you donate it/toss it/let it sit in your closet for ten years and then donate it?

If you participated in the 30 for 30, what surprised you the most during the challenge?


  1. i didn't do 30/30 this time but have been reading several bloggers posts who did. what i noticed the most were the trend of scarves, belting, boots and tights. love them all! esp for fall/winter. it's my fave time of year (maybe because my b-day's in November .... ) and the clothes you get to wear for sure contribute to that. :)

  2. Nice job with the 30 remix. I was too scared to take part. What a great way to get a better sense of your wardrobe.

  3. I love how you've gone back and analyzed your style. I keep seeing the 30 for 30, its so inspiring!!!

  4. Great mix!! I actually really love the jeans too, I suck at styling them :P

  5. Thanks everyone for such sweet comments! Meridith--I did notice the common thread of belting, scarves, boots and tights among the remixers this round, and I completely missed out that I was taking part of these 'trends,' as I don't usually think of myself as a trendy person. How very interesting, haha. I love dressing for the fall and early winter, however, since layers are so much fun!