Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Random Plummy Facts

The awesome S. of Narrowly Tailored tagged me for the ubiquitous seven random things meme, so here they are!

1. I love to travel and enjoy going backpacking in foreign countries with my husband. However, don't expect to see outfit pics when I am traveling since I usually just rotate through a few items of clothing for the trip (reason: I am a weakling and physically cannot carry a huge bag when backpacking).

2. I actually enjoy rainy weather...but I hate it when it is overcast and on-and-off drizzly. That is the WORST!

3. My kitten is both mentally challenged and also gimpy--she was hit by a car when she was small, so now she's very simple-minded and has bad vision, hearing, and three legs. But she's my kitty baby!

4. I am sort of a loner. I love hanging out with groups of friends, but think that being in a huge group of people I don't know very well is stressful. I am trying to get over this dislike by being more of a 'yes person.' This also creates an interesting problem given my propensity for travel and moving frequently...

5. I double majored in Biology and French and I love studying, especially studying science (organic chemistry? human genetics? yes, please!).

6. I have an unhealthy attachment to candy corn. And nerds. And coca cola. Besides those items, however, I really don't like sweet foods (besides fruit, which completely doesn't count). I would take plain yogurt over pre-sweetened yogurt, bread over cake, and veggies over ice cream (except sorbet, since sorbet equals fruit and fruit doesn't count! I have my rationalization completely worked out).

7. I am a complete organization freak. I cannot focus unless my space is clean and organized. I am also a huge fan of lists, so this meme works well for me!

A mushroom from a recent hike.

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