Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Two Thirds Review

A few days late, but who's counting? ;)

Items I have worn the most in this third of the 30 for 30:
Still my black Steve Madden boots. They earn their wardrobe workhorse title every day! I also have been going crazy for cardigans, sweaters and wraps, but that's not surprising considering the SNOW.

Items I have not worn yet: I have now worn every item of my 30 items! I traded out the pinstriped button down shirt for an Underarmour shirt and that, too, has been worn.


My favorite outfit was number 11 (I love that bright orchid color!) and my favorite photo was number 20. Not so surprisingly, this photo was taken on a semi-sunny day, when it was not raining, actually in the middle of the day. Crazy, right? Obviously a weekend day, haha. My least favorite outfit was probably number 18, only because it was so predictable for me--black boots, gray tights, black sweater dress with a scarf and coat? Ultimate laziness! Shame, Plummy! Number 20 wasn't really a memorable look, but I like my hair so much in that one that I am giving myself a free pass.

Lessons I have learned in the middle third of this 30 for 30 challenge:
1. I still feel like I have quite a few ideas for outfits and I don't feel bored of my clothing yet, which is both surprising and awesome.
2. The frantic desire to go shopping has died down, which was another nice surprise (even though I am still excited to go shopping after this challenge is over).
3. I am valuing my accessories more than ever and find my window-shopping turning more and more towards the accent pieces in an outfit.
4. Good photos will make me like the outfit more, because I am just that much of a sucker for pretty, distracting things.

Do you have any automatic free passes to a good outfit (such as good photo, great hair, etc)?


  1. I think my favorites are 14 and 19.

    I think my free pass is probably good photos. I'm still struggling with facial expressions that don't look ridiculous, so if I get a photo that conveys the kind of confidence and -- dare I say -- serenity -- that I'm aiming for, I feel better about what I was wearing. I think the thing that makes me struggle with outfits most are "logistical" challenges -- cardigans that don't layer properly, things that don't stay belted the way they're supposed to, etc.

  2. Sometimes I don't like my outfit but I'm having a good hair day or something. In that case I feel better about posting the photos!