Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Twenty Four Hours of Light certainly not here! I'm having problems getting proper lighting on my pictures, as I go to work before the sun comes up and come home after the sun goes down. Yesterday it was raining and was therefore too dark all day to take any photos at all. I will be retaking those photos at some unknown, later date, maybe when the sun will cooperate a bit more. Does anyone else have this problem? I feel like I see so many beautiful pictures in the blogosphere, but I don't know how people manage to get pictures with proper lighting in the winter, especially if they are working! Does anyone have any creative solutions?

What other weird blogging problems have you encountered?



Pants: The Merlot via Plato's Closet
Shoes: Naturalizer via Goodwill
Long Sleeve Shirt: Kiabi via France
Short Sleeve Shirt: Language Los Angeles via Plato's Closet
Blazer: AE via Plato's Closet

1 comment:

  1. Yes, winter outfit photos are such a problem!
    And I don't want to even think about when the ground starts piling up with snow and ice...

    Love your blazer, such a great find - the quality looks wonderful.

    Hope you find a winter photo solution that works for you!