Thursday, December 2, 2010

Twenty Five Pennies

After looking over my Two Thirds Review, I realized that I have been wearing cardigans almost every day for the past few days. I wanted to try to branch out a bit, so instead I wore a long-sleeved shirt underneath my sweater to have the warmth without the layering look. It's not a huge step, but it's something. Next: Outfits without scarves!

What items do you wear out of habit?
Do you have any 'safety-blanket' items you feel undressed without?
What has been your most ridiculous favorite item that you wore all the time?





Sweater: Gap via Goodwill
Long-sleeved shirt underneath: Kiabi via France
Skirt: Preview Collection via Goodwill
Tights: Black Tights from Target layered over Underamour
Boots: Giusti via Goodwill
Scarf: Self-made


  1. you are too pretty. like seriously. LOVE the coat! maybe i need to go thrifting this weekend. yeah. I do. it's settled then;)

  2. Haha, thanks! I love the coat too, it's been one of my best purchases EVER. :) Good luck thrifting this weekend! I'm jealous, I'm still not shopping because of the 30 for 30 until early next week. Have fun!

  3. I've definitely noticed that cardigans tend to be my security-blanket items, and I'm trying to branch out away from that. They tend to drown my frame a bit, and while sometimes that's nice, I often feel like I'm wearing an outfit that's less flattering than it might or should be as a result.

    I really like your blue tights here -- what a great look!

  4. I love the print on that top! Fabulous coat and fantastic outfit!! Cardigans are really great, and they do end up being a bit of a go to wardrobe solution for me too! I'm sure I've had some ridiculous items that I've worn too much, but I think my worst problem is collecting way more shoes than anyone needs! (Hehe, but not more shoes than I *want*! ;) )

  5. The scarf is gorgeous and I love the different shades of blue in this outfit! Cardigans are definitely a category that I use to feel like I've completed an outfit. I'll be trying to wear more blazers and little jackets when 30x30 is over.

  6. I fall victim to the cardigan every time. I am always throwing one on. I had to restrain myself throughout this challenge to not wear it everyday...people would be pretty sick of me wearing them by the end!
    This is a very flattering outfit on you!

    The Auspicious Life

  7. I tend to wear cardigans almost every day, too. I really like the look of blazers, but they're so much more expensive than cardigans that I haven't sprung for one yet. Once I do, maybe I'll mix up the cardigan rotation a little bit.

    Also, last week it got really cold here, and I tried wearing my running tights under my regular tights, since you do that all the time. This is genius! I was so comfortable and warm that whole day.

  8. Thanks everyone for the compliments! :) I also love this scarf--I saw the vintage material at a little fabric shop by my University and had to snatch it up and sew it into a scarf (easiest. project. EVER.).

    La Historiadora de Moda: If you search, you can find blazers for cheap. My houndstooth one I found at Plato's Closet (thrift) for $10, my black one is H&M, another black one is via Goodwill, and my last really nice one (my formal business blazer) was more spendy, but from the Rack, so not as expensive as it could have been. Good luck!

    Liz: Isn't that THE BEST CHEAT EVER?! I also wear my Underarmour under jeans when it gets chilly out. It is pretty much awesome.