Sunday, August 8, 2010

Wardrobe Count-Up Part 2

I wanted to do another count-up of my wardrobe to see how it has progressed in the past few months, compared to my last count-up.

Pants: 6 total (compared to 7 total last count-up)
--Jeans: 2 (1 pair less)
--Cords: 1
--Cargo: 1
--Slacks: 2

Shorts: 1 (2 pairs less)

Sweatshirts: 2

Coats: 8 (3 more. How did this happen? I bought one. Perhaps this is a counting error...oops...)

Blazers: 4 (1 more. My houndstooth one!)

Work-appropriate long sleeved shirts: 7 (2 less.)

Casual long-sleeved shirts: 5

Work-appropriate short-sleeved shirts: 15

Casual short sleeved shirts: 10 (1 more.)

Camis: 4 (hard to compare, since my last category included 'layering shirts' as well. I got rid of a ton of racerback tanks I got for free, and bought two camis that I AM IN LOVE WITH OMG I wear them all the time.)

Work-appropriate skirts: 7 (up from 4 skirts at last count? Hmm...I think I bought one skirt. Another counting error?)

Casual skirts: 6 (down from 10. Perhaps my qualifications for 'work-appropriate' have become lax? I didn't think I had gotten rid of 4...well, the total number of skirts had been fourteen, and now is fifteen, which makes sense because I bought one skirt.)

Sweaters/Cardigans: 6 (down from 9)

Work-appropriate dresses: 5 (down from 8. I think my restrictions became more stringent here, lol)

Casual dresses: 8 (down from 13, woohoo!)

Formal dresses: 2 (down from 3)

So at least my overall count has gone down. Good lord, that brings my total number of items to 91, not including shoes, accessories, or underthings (even not including tights or leggings!). That is crazy! Last time my overall count was 111 items, so I am down TWENTY ITEMS OMG. Even with all my recent shopping! Alright, so the goal is now to keep purging, but be very selective with what comes in! I think it will be easier to purge once I start teaching, as then I will have a better idea of what is appropriate for work and what it too formal, too casual, too 'stereotypical teacher-y'

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