Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Like Chasing a Unicorn...

Yesterday, I found the cutest pair of brogues--they were leather, they were comfy, they were the perfect color. HOWEVER. They were a half size too big. I tugged, I tightened the laces, I tried to rationalize...then I put them back, sadly and slowly, determined to find the perfect pair. Besides, it's the chase that I like, right? Right? Besides, eventually the half size too big would have bothered me--they would have flopped around, not been as comfy as I would have wanted, and it would have prevented me from continuing my quest to find the perfect pair.

I do think it's interesting how I will search for perfection in the certain items I have on my 'list,' such as with these brogues, or with flat boots, but with other items, such as 'pretty' shoes or impulse buys, I am much less discerning. For example, those high heeled cowboy boots with the fringe that I recently purchased? They are a bit snug on the right toes (my right foot is bigger than my left, just by a bit), but I decided that they would stretch out and it was fine. To be fair, they are leather, so they will stretch. However, I definitely can't wear them all day--the heel, plus the snugness, it would equate to an unhappy Plummy at the end of a workday.

I think my expectations for pretty shoes is lower, plus I knew that it was extremely unlikely that I would ever find anything similar that would be more comfortable (they are not bad, by far). I'm wondering if my expectations are too low for pretty shoes, or if I should just accept that my impulse buys are less-than-perfect. If it's any consolation, I think my bar is much higher now than it was before this evaluation of my personal style and what I want in my wardrobe.

Just about the perfect brogues (if in the right size, of course!)

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