Sunday, August 8, 2010

New Month Resolution

I was reading a very interesting book on French culture and the word that jumped out at me was deliberate. French women are very deliberate with what they wear, what they buy, how they look, and I very much admire that aspect. I want to become more deliberate with what I buy and what is in my wardrobe, instead of continuing to repeat my 'buy, purge, repeat' cycle that I have been in for the past few years. I tried doing that recently, but it wasn't as successful as it could have been, especially given my recent propensity to continue purging my closet, even of items I have recently purchased. (Really, what is up with that?)

So I am going to try an experiment. I am still on a No-Buy for this month, thank you very much, but for future months I am going to limit both the amount of money I have to spend and the number of items I can purchase. I was thinking of a maximum budget of 100$ per month, with a maximum number of items I can buy at five per month. Of course, I can do less of either one, but I will let the budget roll over from one month to the next in case I find something fabulous that I want to save up for. I think (hope!) that having a budget will really make me reflect on the item I am bringing into my wardrobe, and having an item number will make me consider if the item is worth using up one of my 'items.' This will hopefully prevent my ever-present case of 'but it was so cheap I had to buy it!' syndrome. After a few months I will evaluate both the number of items and the budget to see how effective they are. I am also including accessories and makeup in the item and budget count, in addition to clothing.

I think part of it is that since I am still young, I am bouncing around different styles quickly and my wardrobe is fluctuating to accommodate these changes. I would love to have a small wardrobe of clothing that I love, that all goes together, that I am satisfied with, but my tastes are changing so often that it is hard to do that right now. I think I am narrowing down on my preferred style (for now) but I have to try a lot of different looks to figure out which one is me.

Alright, so after August is over, I'll try this experiment. The only big item I have left to really buy or make for the upcoming school year is a denim pencil skirt, so that will be my September goal!

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