Monday, August 16, 2010

Sweet Sassy Molassy

I am officially on my break between my two jobs! Retail job=over and school job=upcoming! To celebrate I...ran errands, babysat for a friend, and worked my other job. Sad, but true! Today was a scorcher, and I was biking, so I opted for a breezy skirt and a crisp button down (also for the yes-I-CAN-responsibly-care-for-your-children look). This skirt was recently on the chopping block in my latest closet purge, but I'm glad I kept it. It's not for every occasion, but it's a bit out of the ordinary and I enjoy it, and that's what matters, right?

Shirt: H&M via Goodwill
Camisole: Shimera from Nordstrom
Skirt: Selfmade
Belt: Chico's via Goodwill
Sandals: Curfew via Goodwill

So in the spirit of full confession, I bought a nail polish while I'm supposed to be on a No-Buy. In my was a beautiful OPI on half price? I have no defense. *hangs head in shame* But I don't feel too bad about it. The point of this No-Buy was to assess what I have, clothing-wise, and not spend a lot of money while I am between jobs, and I think that has been successful.

This does not fully demonstrate the awesomeness of this color. It is an antiqued gold shade, with soft magenta and green sparkle, and the important thing? It looks great on me!

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