Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Sneaky Sneaky!

Mr. P is always ragging on me about the amount of clothing that I have--"Do you really need five pairs of jeans? Is it necessary to have so many pairs of shoes?" (Yes it is, thank you very much!) So today, with Mr. P safely ensconced in his job, I decided to do a wardrobe count up for him! I will compare it to my last wardrobe count-up. Let's see who is the pot and who is the kettle, hmm?

(Mr. P looks nothing like this, and definitely would not consider himself a 'fashionable guy.' He's pretty oblivious to anything apparel- or fashion-related. Once he asked me who Chanel was. Yup.)

Mr. P's Wardrobe Count-Up

Pants: 13 pairs (yes, thirteen!)

Shorts: 2 pairs

Short Sleeved Shirts: 17

Long Sleeved Shirts: 16

Jackets (I included coats, suit jackets, rain jackets, everything): 14

Vests (both down and suit): 5

Sweatshirts: 3

Total articles of clothing: 70 flat.

BUT WAIT! I would like to note that Mr. P works in a hospital and wears a uniform to work, and therefore has no need for 'work-appropriate' clothing.

LET'S COMPARE! (cue evil cackle)

Because of different categories (for example, I have skirts and he does not), I have consolidated categories for comparison:

He has 15 bottoms (shorts, pants and skirts are included here)...I have 20 (9 are work appropriate).

He has 33 tops (long sleeved and short sleeved shirts)...I have 41 (22 are work appropriate, 4 are cami's, which I consider an undergarment anyways!).

He has 19 outerwear pieces (coats, jackets, vests, raincoats, sweatshirts, cardigans etc)...I have 20.

He has 0 dresses (surprise, haha)...I have 13 (5 are work appropriate).

Final conclusion? I currently have 91 items of clothing compared to Mr. P's 70. That is 30% more than what Mr. P has. However, at least 40% of my wardrobe is work-appropriate (only counting work-appropriate clothing from tops and bottoms, and ruling out outerwear). That is not to say that I would not wear those items on a casual day, but only that I have collected those items for the purpose of wearing them to work.

Therefore I would say that even though my wardrobe is larger than Mr. P's, it is rather balanced due to the fact that I have to dress up for work. Ta-daaaah! Mr. Pot, meet Mr. Kettle.

(Although I will note that there is a vast difference in clothing turnover rate, plus the amount of time I spend cultivating my wardrobe compared to what little time he spends...details, details...)

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