Monday, August 30, 2010

Money in a Jar

In my efforts to save up for my pair of OMG Amazing Frye Boots, I have decided to use the infamous money-in-a-jar trick. Yes, I have indeed sunk that low. This will be coupled with my previous spending goal, of spending 100$ or less every month (on five items or less). All my extra money will roll right into this jar, my Frye Boots jar.

There is currently 60$ in the jar (birthday money, thanks mom!) and on September 1, 100$ will be going into the jar. THEN when I spend money on other, frivolous items it will be painfully obvious that the money is being taken out of my Frye Boots Fund (FBF).

The boots that I like will be around 350$ after tax if I buy them at Nordstroms, or just under 200$ if I find them online, so I'm guessing that this fund baby will be growing for a few months before I find the perfect boots for the perfect price. My guess is by the end of December or January the right amount of money will be there, but who knows--perhaps sooner, yes? (but perhaps not, especially if Fyrinnae keeps coming out with awesome colors I have to have! haha)

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