Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Mirror of Past Deeds

Much like my last No-Buy, I immediately feel compelled to organize and sort through my wardrobe. I've been constantly going through it this summer, culling out pieces that accumulated through University and tossing ones that no longer fit my style/body/needs. (By tossing out I, of course, mean selling to Plato's Closet or donating to Goodwill, my favorite places!) I am, however, now in a quandary. I want a slim wardrobe filled with perfect pieces. Good, let's shoot for perfection, shall we? However, as I have pulled out pieces from my wardrobe with increasing pickiness, I am wondering how far I should take purge.

Of course, I have the few sentimental pieces (Mr. P likes it, even though I loath it, so-and-so gave this to me not too long ago, so I can't toss it yet, etc) but I also have the pieces that I bought not incredibly long ago (i.e. within the last year and a half), that still fit me, that theoretically fit into my lifestyle/wardrobe, and yet I never wear.

Case in point--comfy Aerosole pink pumps. They fit my narrow heels, hallelujah! The only pumps to really fit nicely, with no inserts. The pink color is ok. Not great, by any means, but definitely could fall into an 'almost nude' color that might be able to work. However...when would I wear pumps? To teach? Certainly not. To work retail? Deeefinitely not. On my days off? I'm either in peep-toes or sneakers. So they have been worn once in the past four plus years. But should I keep them in case I need them at some indefinite point in the future? Or should I just toss them and deal with getting something comparable if I need something?

I also have several pairs of SUPER CUTE high heels that are slightly tight or uncomfortable, and can only be worn for a few hours at a time--but I always get compliments when I wear them!

Another item is a dress that I bought last summer and have worn once (and NOT felt pretty in). But it might work for teaching! And so it goes.

I think I'm talking myself over to the purge side, away from the keep side. At least it will make it more clear what I have (actually have, that I actually wear) and what I actually could use in my wardrobe. Except maybe the cute-but-slightly-too-small shoes. Those I might keep. For those occasions when you need cute high heels! (At least I wear them!)

I think this No-Buy will do me good. I was getting caught up in the buy-buy-buy and losing sight of my wardrobe goals.

Off to continue the detox of my wardrobe!

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