Tuesday, August 10, 2010

For the love of oxfords!

I've taken my restless surfing of Modcloth even further...to Etsy! I love surfing Etsy, but so much time can be lost in it's endless archives...

My latest love are these vintage leather shoes, for sale on Etsy. Unfortunately (or rather, fortunately, given my No-Buy status), they are a half size too small for me. Oh well!

I am reading an interesting book on Speed Chic and the ever-increasing rate of fashion. It talks about how personal style is really falling to the wayside as people scramble to keep up with the trends, instead of spending time to discover their personal look. This has reinforced, more than ever, my desire to purchase most of my items either second hand or at alternative fashion websites that are a bit out of the mainstream (like Modcloth, my love!).

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