Monday, August 23, 2010

Sparkle Sparkle

I am so excited! My giveaway from JenLovesKev of the Spotted Moth necklace finally arrived! It was wrapped up so cutely with soft brown tissue paper and a little bow on top...of course I tore the packing to shreds in my excitement, but it was worth it. ;) This necklace is wonderful, I"m so excited that I won it! It is the perfect length, the colors are so pretty and sparkly, and it has a decent weight to it (which I loooove). Most importantly, it looked great with what I was wearing today, so I put it on immediately (that's pretty much an insta-win for me. It also worked with a skirt I bought earlier...I might have a problem...). Thank you Jen and Spotted Moth for this lovely present!

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