Sunday, October 3, 2010

Un Deux Trois Cat Sank

A casual day thrift shopping cried out for a casual outfit. Yes, my shirt has a cat with a hood on it. It's AWESOME. Love.

On that note, I have a joke...One Two Three Cat and Un Deux Trois Cat decided to have a race swimming across a river. One Two Three Cat made it to the other side, but Un Deux Trois Cat Sank! (ok, it only makes sense if you speak French and say it outloud...but Un Deux Trois Cat Sank phonetically in French is one two three four five. It was pretty much the most exciting joke as a seventh grader...and yes, I still find it amazingly funny!)

Shirt: I got it at a Death Cab For Cutie concert!
Sweater: Zenergie from Chicos (clearance!)
Pants: Martin & Osa, Goodwill
Shoes: Unkown, France

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