Thursday, October 28, 2010

Ho-Hum Gray

When I was in middle school, I had a gray knee-length sweater that tied around the waist that I wore every single day. In my mind, it was beautiful, went with everything, and was flattering on me. After wearing this sweater for what was most likely 365/365 days, I looked at a photograph of myself wearing it and had a revelation--this sweater looked grungy, not the elegant idea I had in my mind. Even more than that, it was unflattering to the extreme! As a middle schooler, I still wore the sweater after this moment (let's face it, I have never been Ms. Fashion Lady), but it gradually dropped out of my rotation.

This is vaguely how I feel about this gray sweater that I keep wearing. When I put it on, I feel pretty, carefree, and, since it's my only long-sleeved cardigan at the moment, warm. However, when I look at photos of myself in this cardigan, I usually think to myself, 'Plummy, that is not a flattering look on you. That old grandpa sweater isn't even that warm and it still manages to make you look like a log!' (My inner self is simultaneously nagging and brutally honest)

Do you have any items of clothing that you love, but when you look at them in a photo they are less appealing?
What was your favorite item of clothing in middle school?
What do you think about this gray sweater?

Sweater: Unknown via Goodwill Donation Pile
Shirt: 6 degrees via Goodwill Donation Pile
Skirt: I.N.C. via Goodwill
Scarf: Goodwill (a new find while I was searching for a Halloween costume, and it's 100% silk! I love the colors--a play off of my two main colors, but slightly tweaked and refreshing)
Tights: Hue via Plato's Closet
Shoes: Naturalizer via Goodwill

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