Saturday, October 30, 2010

October: A Month In Review

With only one day left in the month, I think it's safe to do my Month In Review feature for October! If I go on a massive shopping expedition tomorrow, I'll be sure to make a note of it! ^-^

Brown Full Skirt
I am in love with this skirt. When I was looking back at what items to include in this month's review, I couldn't believe that I bought this skirt only this month! I wear it multiple times a week, with boots and with flats, and it's extremely versatile. This cost me $6 at the Goodwill and it's definitely worth it.

Orchid Silk Dress
I do love this $4 Goodwill find--it's currently my go-to comfy weekend dress. I think I will get more wear out of it in the Spring and Summer, just due to the color, but it meshes well with what I have in my wardrobe and I've already worn it at least five times this month.

Brightly Colored Lightweight Scarf
I haven't worn this scarf as much as the other pieces--I think twice so far this month--but that's to be expected. Temperatures have plummeted over here, and the light weight plus the bright colors tend towards Spring/Summer again. For a $4 Goodwill purchase though, I can play with incorporating it into my winter wardrobe!

Equestrian Scarf
I found this scarf recently for $6 at the Goodwill and I love it. I've worn it twice so far, but I've also only had it for about a week. It is one hundred percent silk, surprisingly warm, and I love the colors and patterns in it--the bright coral, the darker cranberry, the deep forest green. To me, it should be paired with heavy-knit socks, equestrian boots and a tweed coat.

Leather Knee-High Boots
No photo yet--these will be debuted on the blog soon! I found them at the Goodwill for $20, but they were much too small for me! However, since they are leather, I decided to buy them and try to stretch them out using my uber-technical process of wearing socks that are increasingly thick while wearing the boots around the house. They are almost a perfect fit now and I waterproofed them yesterday, so I should be wearing them within the next few days!

Vibram Five Finger Shoes
After wearing my old running shoes for over two and a half years, I definitely needed a new pair. I did a lot of research and decided to try out a pair of the Vibram Five Finger Toe Shoes (I have the KSO style, if anyone is interested). Mr. P has had a pair for months now and he loves them. I absolutely adore them--they make running a whole new type of experience. It is definitely taking time to get used to running in them--my stride is completely different, so different muscles are being used--but I have high hopes that they will help to correct some of my feet and ankle problems. Not a fashion purchase, but a fun addition to my closet none-the-less! These cost me a pretty penny--$80 at REI--but if they will help my running, then they will be worth it.

Once again, the number of items I bought was surprisingly on-task, while I blew past my money goal due to my running shoe purchase. Not including the running shoes, I spent $40 the whole month, plus another $40 on various undergarments that I am definitely not going to be showing on the blog (I'm also not including them in my item count-up). ^-^ It wasn't the most frugal of months, but I feel that I am getting fairly content with how my wardrobe is shaping up.


  1. Great finds this month! I really like both the scarves!

  2. Thanks! Scarves are my go-to item for finishing an outfit, so I don't really mind that I have OMG SO MANY SCARVES, haha.