Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Interview With WWANW!

Today I am excited to present an interview with the lovely Tania, of What Would A Nerd Wear! She is well-known for putting together cute, academic and (best of all) approachable outfits and documenting them on her blog. She seems like the sweet and stylish girl next door, with a real budget, a real closet, with outfits that she really wears. Read on to see what she thinks about blogging, teaching, and strategies for shopping!


Why did you decide to start a blog? (I know, the typical question, but I think the answers are so interesting!)
I started a blog because I wanted a non school-related project, I wanted to challenge myself to break out of my conservative closet-rut, and I wanted a creative activity that was all mine.
Have you learned anything from your readers?
Oh yes, every day. For instance, that I could wear a lobster dress to teach if I put a sweater over it, that I can match red and blue together, that they think my danskos look funny, at what length my ankle pants should be, that heels really do make my legs look longer, etc. I am always asking for advice and others' opinions--it's a wonderful resource and I feel spoiled to get the input of so many sweet people every day.

Has blogging changed your life or your personality?
Well, it's helped me make connections and friends with unexpected people, and it's helped me look more professional and put-together most days, which has helped me professionally. When you know you look together, you feel together, and that can have positive reverberations.
Have you changed what you post as you’ve gained more readers?
I hope things haven't changed too much. I've tried to keep my content, tone, and outfits true to myself! Since the blog has grown (and my schoolwork has picked up considerably), I've had less time to "comment back" and visit lots and lots of blogs, like I did in the beginning. I regret that because it's such a fun part of blogging but for now, I only have the time to be a writer and less time to be the kind of reader I wish I were!

Do you think it is possible to have a balance between being fashionable or stylish and being seen as a serious teacher? Or do you think one negates the other?
Of course I think it's possible! In fact, I usually avoid the question because I think considering it too much gives it a power it shouldn't have. Naturally, I don't think being serious and being stylish are mutually exclusive, and I hope that comes off in the way I present myself on the blog and to my students and peers in real life.
Do you have any requirements when you add something to your wardrobe? Is there a process or are you more of an impulse-buyer (besides those items you decide you have to have! Haha)
I am not an impulse buyer! Usually, I stalk for a while, wait for things to go on sale and buy carefully. I try only to buy items that make me feel really good, that I think could invigorate my wardrobe or fill a hole, and that will last their worth (for instance, an expensive item better last a long time, but a cheap tee shirt might only stick around a season).
Are there certain items you only buy from certain stores (for example, I always buy shirts from thrift stores, I will never buy them full price at retail stores)?
Hm, I buy a lot of sweaters from J Crew because they laaaaaast (I still wear some of their sweaters I bought when I was in high school). I buy many of my skirts at thrift stores, because the hourglass cuts tend to fit me well. I guess my only rule on this is that I nearly always buy my underwear at the Gap...but the internet is never going to see that :)


Thanks for the lovely interview, Tania!