Friday, September 10, 2010

Away From My Desk

...well, away from my blogging desk at least. My work desk has been monopolizing all my time this week! I absolutely adore my new job, but there is definitely a bit of a transition into the new schedule. However, never fear! There is a Four Ways To Wear coming up this weekend, as well as a new feature--Monthly Five Item Countup! And yes, I am coming dangerously close to my five-item limit already (ten days into the month, haha).

I wanted to do a quick reflection on the Wardrobe Workhorse week, though. I thought it was very interesting how much I love some of my items of clothing...and how I am apathetic about others in comparison. I want to love all my items of clothing as much as I love my workhorses! With my upcoming moves (next summer Mr. P and I will be leaving the States for a few years of living and working abroad) I really need to focus on making most of my wardrobe a workhorse, and chucking the items that won't go the distance. I have lived abroad before, and let me tell you--not much fits into the check luggage suitcases (all that I bring with me when I move abroad). Even less now, since I am too cheap to pay the ridiculous fees for multiple check luggages.

Living abroad, you really do not need that much stuff. I have lived in France before and the French have a completely different approach to clothing than Americans do. French women have extremely small wardrobes--but all high quality clothing. The only trend I have really seen them follow is different styles of scarves. I am sure there are more subtle fashion cues that, as a foreigner, I did not pick up on, but the basic idea stays the same. It does not matter if you wear the same items time and time again, because everyone does. You do not need a huge wardrobe.

I have slowly been trying to add higher-quality items into my wardrobe, while removing the lower-quality ones that I do not love as much. This year is a year of transition (to a working life instead of a school-oriented one) and also a year of preparation (for years working abroad).

My apartment in France--photo taken from the door. Yes, you can see both walls (I could practically touch both at the same time). Not a whole lot of room for extra stuff.

So worth it though, to live here.

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