Thursday, September 2, 2010

Day The Fourth

The weather has been driving me crazy--it is cold, overcast, damp and windy in the mornings, then clear, warm and calm in the afternoons. Add in the fact that the classroom I spend most of my time in is chilly (it's at the bottom of the building!) but almost all the other classrooms are very warm, and it's a challenge getting dressed. I ended up pulling this outfit together...then wearing a coat and scarf for the first half of the day and being too hot for the second. Oh well, in a few weeks all we'll be getting is rain and gray skies, so I suppose I should just count my blessings.

Sweater: Abercrombie, present
Shirt: H&M via Goodwill
Skirt: Preview Collection via Goodwill (I've been getting some awesome wear out of this skirt!)
Tights: F21, gift
Shoes: France

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