Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Fuzzy Peach

This is another one of my purchases recently--this peach-colored bejeweled (with pearls, little polished stones, the works) cropped cardi. And yes, I also thought that was a 'whole lot of look' (to quote Tim Gunn) for one piece, but then I thought that if none of my pieces have a lot of look, that's not much look to go around. Besides, much of my wardrobe is neutrals, this works with the coral side of my color scheme, and the embellishment is AWESOME.

After trying it on with jeans and being told that it look like a sweater that got shrunk in the wash (it could be a look!), I decided that it is best with skirts that hit at the natural waist. Lucky me, that's my favorite type of skirt! I think it will look super cute paired with a white shirt and my impending denim pencil skirt, or with the light-colored full skirt I will be making. Black paired with the peach is more iffy and has a distinct Halloween aura...and as much as I love me some holidays, I will NOT be the teacher with the pumpkin-themed sweater, the Christmas pins, the Shamrock jewelry that I just 'happen' to be wearing on St. Patty's Day.

Sweater: Bebe via Plato's Closet
Dress: Self-made from a vintage 50's pattern
Shoes: Unknown brand from France
(I'm worried that this outfit looks a bit too 50s housewife...hmmm)

Sweater: Bebe from Plato's Closet
Shirt: Deux, another score from someone's Goodwill donation pile at the end of the school year
Skirt: Unknown brand from Goodwill (although I heavily suspect it is vintage from the 1940s, an era that I wrote my Senior thesis on)
Shoes: Covington via Goodwill
(I do love this outfit, but it may be a bit too formal for the school I will be working out, where many of the teachers wear jeans or khakis...we'll see)

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