Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Play play

Today was a day off from work, so I busted out my high heels and stormed the city. Well, at least I busted out my high heels...

It was actually warm today, a nice change from the gloomy weather we've had lately, and I even (*gasp!*) took off my sweater in the afternoon!

I also went shopping, much to the chagrin of Mr. P, and continued to stock up my teacher wardrobe. Photos coming soon!

Sweater: Unknown brand (literally, the tag is a blank piece of black ribbon), found at the end of the school year as someone was donating it to the Goodwill

Dress: Pour la Frime, also snagged for free from someone's end-of-year donation pile

Belt: Target

Tights: Hue via Plato's Closet

Shoes: Goodwill, padded out with a variety of shoe inserts (they are maybe half a size too big at most, but I have narrow feet >:P )

Bag: COACH from 365 Fashion Rehab (WOOHOO! It is awesome)

Earrings: Originally from clearance at Claires years ago, modified by me (I made them shorter--they were long and oh-so-heavy)

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