Sunday, June 27, 2010

Clear Vision

I finally got a new camera--the Canon S90, and I love it! I'm still figuring out all of the functions (it has crazy manual controls) but already the quality is so much nicer than what I had before.

Summer, although officially here, has not brought warm temperatures, sun or a plethora of ice cream trucks. Mostly it's been gray, rainy and cold (plus ice cream-less), hence my current outfit of sweater and pants. I've also been biking to work (about an hour bike ride each way) and pants are just so much easier than a skirt to bike long distances in.

Shirt: Gap via Goodwill

Pants: Don't remember

Shoes: Champion, found someone tossing them at the end of the school year and snagged them for free

Coat: This is the new wool Bebe coat I found at the Goodwill for 10$! I was pretty excited--it's not my usual style, but I rather enjoy it, and think it would be super cute with a high-waisted black full skirt.

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