Tuesday, June 29, 2010


After my (somewhat) massive shopping spree yesterday, I feel that I have nicely rounded out my school wardrobe. There are still only a few main things left to get, but they are so specific I think I will just make them and be done with it. Actually, I think mainly it is just three skirts: one jean pencil skirt (dark wash), one light neutral colored full skirt with the waistband at the natural waist, and one black full skirt with the band at the natural waist. All three should be a snap to make (I even have a pencil skirt pattern I have used before that I love, and let's face it--the other two are just a series of different sized rectangles sewn together) and I just need to get the fabric.

However, I am going to save these projects for a bit later in the summer. I have spent far too much money recently, and can keep an eye at thrift shops for material or even for the specific skirts (although it will be a miracle if I find something to fit my exacting standards).

So that this is not a post just for words, here are some photos of an item I bought yesterday!

This red sweater top was one of my last purchases, but I very much enjoy it! Originally 150$ (!!!) I snagged it for 30$ at Nordstrom Rack. It is made out of a sweatshirt type material and is going to be perfect for the fall or for layering in the winter. The sleeves are 3/4 but I may hem them up another one inch to bring the line more squarely between my wrist and my elbow, we'll see.

In this outfit I paired it with a black long-sleeved shirt from France, navy blue cords (blue, not black), and ballet flats. I think it will also be cute with my (soon to be made) dark wash denim pencil skirt.

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