Saturday, June 5, 2010

Bonjour Hello Kitty!

I've been on the hunt for a new wallet for ages now--the one that I have been using is actually a small zippered pouch, which results in me having to take out all my cards (which are all in a pile together) when I need my Safeway Card, Plato's Closet Stamp Card, etc. I have a ton of cards, apparently. However, said pouch is definitely looking a little worse for the wear (I've been using it for over a year, after my previous wallet--which I got out of a trashbin on a train in Switzerland--went kaput). Obviously, I have not really cared about my wallet in a long while. BUT I decided that I actually want a nice wallet, one I can fit my checkbook and/or passport in, one with credit card pockets and perhaps even a zippered coin pocket (!!!). So, scientific as I am, I started my research, and my conclusions after more than four months of looking? Nice wallets are expensive! I just wanted something durable, cute, and under 30$, but apparently that was asking a lot. BUT THEN I found this little number:

PERFECT! AMAZING! Not only Hello Kitty, which fulfills my need for something cute, but in PARIS? Given my French major, my time spent living in France, and my love for French wine, cheese, and bread (plus fries and toast!), this was obviously perfect. I first found it on Modcloth a few months ago, but for the (moderately) hefty price tag of 35$ plus 7$ shipping, I was feeling a bit iffy. However, this morning I was trawling the net and found it on ebay for 23$ including shipping! Imagine my elation. That was pretty much my fastest buy in ages...So now it is mine, my lovely new wallet, in 5-8 business days. Huzzah!

I am also super stoked because today is PAYDAY! First one at the new job. Hopefully to make a lot of money, since Plummy has a lot of bills (but also for some fun stuff, like this wallet!).

*happy dance*

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