Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Wardrobe Uniform

For work, I have been mainly wearing the same basic outfit (gray slacks, plain shirt, cardi, flats) every day and have thus been uninspired to snap photos. This is another one of my 'uniform' variations--neutral dress, cardi, pop-of-color tights and flats. I don't have a lot of clothing that works for my job, and I definitely will not be buying more for a job that I will only have for barely two months more.

However, I HAVE taken it upon myself to stock up my fall and winter wardrobe! Yesterday at the Goodwill I found an awesome wool Bebe zippered cropped coat (in fact, it is so awesome that I can't tell if it's ugly or awesome...but let's err on the side of awesome, shall we?) for $10, and today at the Goodwill I found a very soft, perfectly fitting purple printed sweater originally from the Gap for $6. I am just lucking out! (although Mr. P prefers to see it as 'spending lots of money on clothing you don't really need.' pfffft...) Pictures are forthcoming, hopefully on a new camera Mr. P and I will be getting in the next few days! (fingers crossed that nothing goes wrong!)

Also, I found my Holy Grail of topcoats--it's called Out The Door, and it was 5$ at a local beauty supply shop. Amaaaazing! Dries super fast, looks super shiny, does not chip very easily. I am pleased.

My Coach purse remains exciting, shiny and new--it goes so nicely with my wardrobe (plus my new wallet looks so cute inside it)!

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