Thursday, April 29, 2010

Snow Showers Bring May Flowers?

Yup, it snowed this morning. So I am posting a picture of one of my favorite winter outerwear combinations.

Coat: From the store Jenifer in France. One of my best purchases, to date, EVER.
Hat: Goodwill Outlet
Pin (on hat): Vintage via Garage Sale
Scarf: Self-made
Tights: We Love Colors
Shoes: Merona

I also wanted to touch on why I started this blog, since I don't think I really talked about it in the first post, as is usually tradition. :P I definitely don't think my style is fabulous, and I do feel rather silly posting my outfit pics online when there are so many other wonderful, inspiring fashion bloggers out there. However, one of my goals is to improve my style (as well as find what, exactly, my style IS) and I thought it would be interesting to document that process. I love love LOVE lists, and organizing things, and thought that while I'm working on this goal, I might as well blog about other goals of mine (so far: vitamins, exercise, spending habits) to see how I follow through. Even so far, just blogging about it has helped a bit--I've been good with eating my vitamins, which I loooooaaathe, just because I like checking it off of my Goals For The Day list. ^-^ Besides, someday when I am absolutely fabulous, other people might want to use my progress as a guide to become fabulous themselves, no? hehe...well, I can dream. ;)

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