Monday, April 26, 2010


The weather is definitely edging into springtime, but that really means that the sun can lure unwitting victims outside with promises of beach weather and margaritas, and then the poor hapless individuals get smacked with icy winds who promise that summer is not quite here yet. This all boils down to leggings, tights and (occasionally) jeans for Plummy! I love wearing skirts and dresses, although I am still trying to find the perfect mix of put-together, not-too-stuffy, not-too-young but not-matronly dresses and skirts. style may change soon (not too much, but a bit) because I was just hired as an Instructional Assistant for the upcoming school year! We all know what that means, right? Chic teachers outfits, pencil skirts, practical-yet-cute shoes...My favorite types of clothing. :)

Of course, Mr. P does not approve of the impending expenses required to update my wardrobe. (Please note: my budget has not changed, so despite having the promise of a job, so the 'impending expenses' will still not be anywhere near a large chunk of change) But let's face it, Mr. P has been wearing the same cut-off pair of army shorts for the past 7 years, and has decided that they 'might' need replacing only because they are currently almost more patches and mends than actual original short. I love him dearly, but I am resolute! A few items to update my wardrobe and help to transition it from student to teacher are needed. Plus, my newest goal: To buy quality, pretty pieces that will stick around my wardrobe for longer than one season. I might pay a little more (espeeeecially for shoes, considering my plethora of feet problems) but I hope to end up with a lower PPW (price per wear).

On that note, here is another OotD (outfit of the day).

Dress: H&M via Plato's Closet
Sweater: Hollister via Goodwill Outlet (see? Awesome finds to be had!)
Tights: black from Target
Boots: Steve Madden (love them, but a terrible design on the heel and sole led to me re-soling them for a much better wear)

No Goal Count-up--second post of the day!

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