Thursday, April 29, 2010

On the Day

Well, here is my first outfit of the day...actually posted on the day that I am wearing it! It's like a miracle. I'm also not so sure that this is the most flattering outfit...I love the gray sweater, it's cashmere from Banana Republic that I got at the Goodwill Outlet (meaning, for about 25 cents), but unfortunately I think it is a bit too small--very short in the torso and arms. I am debating either keeping it, and always wearing it with a cami underneath and the arms rolled up (what I usually do) or just getting rid of it and trying to find a neutral sweater that actually fits me. It's always such a conundrum, lol. I'll probably keep it, wear it with shirts underneath, be rather disgruntled, and surreptitiously be on the look out for another one, much to the chagrin of Mr.P who will insist 'You already have one just like it!'

These rainboots...I love them, let me just say. They are bright pink and have Eiffel towers, mopeds, and little French poodles on them. Not necessarily the most subdued boot, definitely not work-appropriate for when I am an Instructional Assistant, but I very much enjoy them. Plus, they make jumping in puddles that much more fun!

Well, I did it--I got rid of several items of clothing Mr.P loves that I hate. I was supported by everyone else in our living room (a variety of roommates and friends) and Mr.P was very grumpy, lol.

Shirt: Banana Republic via Goodwill Outlet
Skirt: Self-made
Leggings: Underarmor, amaaazing!
Boots: Gift
Scarf: Gift

Goal Count Up:
Exercise: I have to come clean. Didn't end up jumping rope yesterday. My room is so messy with all the imminent packing that there is no room to jumprope, and I'm too self conscious to jumprope in the common room. Normally, I try not to be so self-conscious that it stops me from doing things, but honestly? If you were trying to do something and attracted a crowd of various people (friends and acquaintances) who live in or around your apartment, who then stare at you weirdly, ask what you are doing (umm...obvious much?) and make fun of you, then you probably would be somewhat deterred as well.
Vitamins: Yup. At least I have that!

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