Tuesday, April 27, 2010


I've been going through all my clothing. I have so many things that I have, don't wear, but keep for a variety of reasons. Either I bought it on vacation and it has memories, or it's ok but not great but I'm keeping it until I get something better, or it's one of the several things I have that Mr.P loves me wearing (despite not caring about women's fashion) that I absolutely hate, but he will pout and be grumpy if I get rid of it, so I keep it and hide it to avoid wearing it. Now that I've typed all that out, it does sound rather ridiculous. Maybe I can sneak some stuff *out* past Mr.P... (better than sneaking it purchases, right?) Anyways, with an impending move and my desire to update my wardrobe, I figure the best way to start is by culling out the rejects and then taking stock of what I have.

I *do* have many things that are ok but not great, looking over my clothing. I seem to have FIVE sweaters with three-quarter sleeves in bright colors, ALL of which are too short in the torso for me to feel comfortable wearing them with pants and without a camisole to lengthen the hemline...which always leaves that weird strip of contrasting camisole right around my hips (my widest part). I should toss some of them, but they're cute! And (most of them) teacher appropriate! Why toss them until I get correct fitting ones, right? hmmmm...

For example, here's a picture of one of my sweaters with a gray cami under it. With a skirt, not with pants, but the same idea:

Things to think about...

Anyways, here's a picture of my outfit from last week.

Wow, I do look tired in this picture. And I curled my hair with this ridiculous 'steam setter' set my mom had in college. I always get crazy poodle hair with it, lol, but I enjoy it!

Sweater: Express, via Goodwill Outlet
Shirt: Old Navy
Skirt: Handmade
Tights: Forever 21 (gift--never buy F21 tights, they run and get holes like crazy)
Shoes: from France, two years ago

Goal Count Up:
Exercise: Ran yesterday
Vitamins: Ate my vitamins. Blech, but the huge pill go down easier with food than water. *mental note*

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