Friday, July 23, 2010

Packing Review

I just got back from my trip to FLORIDA yay! It was a ton of fun, but that's not the point of this blog, is it? Alright, let's go over what I packed and what worked. Even though I have been traveling extensively over the past four years, I still am not a master packer.

Champion Tennis Shoes (free, from an end-0f-the-year donation pile)
Sandals: From Goodwill
Bikini: Roxy via Ross
Sunglasses: Juicy Couture via Garage Sale (2$ woot!)
White Shirt: Express via Goodwill Outlet
Grey Shirt: H&M via Goodwill Outlet
Shorts: Abercrombie via Plato's Closet
Dress: F21

Plus my traveling clothes:
Dress: F21 plus a slip I sewed in myself because honestly, why would they sell a dress that is completely transparent? (The slip didn't actually peek out the bottom in real life, this is before it was sewed in place)
Leggings: Target
Scarf: Present

What worked:
Two pairs of shoes. Walking for twelve hours a day will result in hurt feet, no matter how comfy the shoes started out being, so having two pairs to switch between was genius. I packed one pair of tennis shoes that I do wear with shorts and skirts, and one pair of sandals, and I was good to go.

One bikini. Hot weather? Always bring a bikini, even if there are no plans to go in the water (plans always arise!)

Sunglasses! I lived in these.

Shorts. I wore them so much, even under my short dress.

The amount of clothing was just about perfect (although if I hadn't brought so much white stuff/ill fitting clothing, it would have been just a tad too much).

What did not work as well:
One white dress. That is cotton. It wrinkled, got dirty, and because it's F21, the straps ended up busting off. Actually, white clothes in general--my white shirt also got very dirty, plus the light color ended up being sheer when it (inevitably) got wet at the water rides in the theme parks.

Bringing clothing I either have never worn or have not worn in ages. Yes, here in Big City it has been rainy and gloomy, so I jumped at the chance to bust out all the warm-weather clothing that has been languishing in my closet for the past year. I even brought some items that I have never worn. BAD IDEA! This resulted in straps that were too long, straps that easily broke, elastic that pinched, and necklines that were MUCH lower than I had remembered. Please. Don't be dumb like me.

Bringing short dresses but not anything appropriate the wear under them. Next time, spankies, or bicycle shorts, or something!

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