Saturday, July 3, 2010

Cleaning Shop

The fuzzy peach sweater I posted about all of three posts ago? I returned it. Cute, I liked the look, but after further review the pastel tones of the peach just weren't doing it for me. Plus, so specific! To only be able to pair it with skirts that rested at the natural waist in colored that coordinated with pastel peach? I'm not sure what I was thinking. However, my other purchases are still much loved--the houndstooth jacket was a bit touch and go, but it's a neutral and I do love my blazers, even as much as I've been favoring cardigans recently, and it just fits so well! Plus--warm.

Now I've started planning for my upcoming trip to FLORIDA! It's going to be hot, which I am very much looking forward to after the dreary disappointment of a summer that we've been having lately. I'm thinking shorts, breezy shirts, a few dresses, maybe a skirt, plus some fun accessories and my trusty sneakers (not the prettiest, but comfy for walking around all day!). This will be the first time I've packed for a trip to someplace hot--usually I am traveling in the winter and my packing includes various thermals, underarmour (which I put on at the beginning of the trip and rarely take off for the duration of the trip), fleece jackets, gloves, hats, and a coat. Usually I am wearing most of my items of clothing at the same time, but even so my pack can get heavy. This time I'm imagining my 'to pack' pile to be teeny tiny! (excited!)

I also realized that it's been awhile since I've done a goal countup, so let's see how I've been doing...
Exercise: I've been biking to work every morning, which is an hour bike ride, and have been either biking back or catching a ride back. That plus I'm still running around at work and I've been doing alright.
Vitamins: err...well, I'm doing ok. I'd say I take them maybe twice a week, but I really need to up that to five times a week. I need my nutrients!

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